Sunday 24 July 2011

Nessie and weather

It is interesting that Nessie has been seen twice this year as we have had a bad winter,
I started correlating  the weather reports for the region and  sightings of the Loch Ness creature some time ago, a yet unfinished project. Weather records going back years can be found  quite easily these days with the Internet and Met Office help. I discovered that whenever there had been a bad winter, the creature was seen more often the following spring and summer. Could it be it was looking for food as the bad weather had made food scarce? Or maybe it just wanted the warmth of the sunshine? An interesting question I think. It may of course be simply that  after a bad winter more people are out and about on fine days so see the creature more often. Too many variables I am afraid and it would take a lot to put the study together. If I have the time left to me I will get it finished and see what the results look like. Not world shattering I know but interesting all the same.

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