Tuesday 1 September 2009

New Hawkesbury River Monster Sighting?

Cryptozoologist Rex Gilroy said he recently saw the 12m giant surface in the Hawkesbury River. Through binoculars Mr Gilroy saw a dark shadow ``with a longish neck'' near Wiseman's Ferry.

Mr Gilroy, who has been searching for Sydney's beast since 1965, said he believed it was a plesiosaur from the Jurassic period. Mr Gilroy, known for his research on the western Sydney panther, said neither the NSW nor Scottish Nessies were alone. "We'd have to have a breeding population of no less than 300 to 600," he said. "We're dealing with ocean creatures coming into the river to breed. There are areas of ocean ... anything could live down there and you wouldn't know it.'' After hearing of the Hawkesbury Monster in 1965 he found accounts dating back to pre-colonial times, with stories told of children being attacked by the ``moolyewonk''.
When fishing boats were found overturned and the occupants missing in the 1980s, the Hawkesbury Monster was the prime suspect. "We have rock art depicting them. It seems the Aboriginal people knew of these creatures," Mr Gilroy said.

So far Mr Gilroy seems to be one of the only people to have seen it recently, so it leaves some doubts in my mind. I do not believe pleiosaurs could have survived unless they evolved into something more adaptable to modern pollution. They lived in clear waters not our current plastic strewn oceans. However I will wait and see if anything developes from this. I would love to be proved wrong and see proof of a living dinosaur.


Anonymous said...

Hi, your comment that Rex is the only one to see it recently is not entirely true. After radio station 2GB conducted an interview with Rex Gilroy people phoned in (rang the station) telling of their own recent sightings-one as recent as early 2008. Back in the early 80's a friend of mine lived at the river at Spencer and one time while watching the bridge to bridge-a speed boat race with skiers, they saw a skier thrown into the air, it was reported that they hit a log but my friend stated otherwise. I was also with Rex when we discovered the Aboriginal carvings. The family of plesiosaur are many, I think there are 12 distinct species??I also believe that Rex goes with the Kronosaur type (Kronosaurus queenslandicus is a sort of large short-necked marine reptile-Like other pliosaurs, the Queensland Kronosaur would have used both pairs of limbs to 'fly' underwater. It would have hunted and eaten large fish, invertebrates such as giant squid and ammonites )of which there are fossils from Queensland where it has the name. Rex has told me he believes it is an evolved version not the original species as they do change over millions of years. The Hawkesbury River where Rex sighted it is not polluted as run off from farms are a thing of the past. It is quite clean. I also have other sightings from near Danger island. Don't forget the length and depth of the Hawkesbury is very long and deep. Divers who have penetrated down have come up in caves and sand beaches with breathable oxygen which is forced down through the other cave systems that dot the entire area. Just last month Rex and I were at the river and I was filming when I turned-seconds earlier the river was quite calm, except for the wind blowing the surface when I noticed a large long dark area that just appeared as if something was swimming past. I cannot state for certain what this was, it was either a school of fish near the surface or it could have been something else but it did happen quick. it was very unusual though. I can show you the photos if you want or the small video I was taking as it was happening. Id say a school of fish but who knows.

Tabitca said...

would you like to write a guest blog about it? I know lots of readers would be interested. I can keep it anonymous if you prefer. Thanks for your comments, most enlightening.

Anonymous said...


What Would you like me to write about exactly?

Here is a small section I am doing for Rex on his Research


Tabitca said...

why don't you write about what you think about it? For example, look at some of the sightings and say what you think about them....what do you think it is, what is your theory of how it got there.
You can email me at : Tabitca@hotmail.com.
It is a filter email but I will check you haven't been put into
the junk folder. I look forward to reading it.