Friday 20 May 2011

Another big cat sighting in Scotland

Published: 19/05/2011
Puma spotted close to house in Strathy
A north Sutherland family have reported spotting a puma close to their home last Friday evening.Young Courtney Mackay (14) and a friend, George Searce (12), were the first to see the Big Cat as it prowled round Steven Terrace in Strathy.The youngster said: "It was sniffing around at a spot where fishing bait had been left the night before. "It was only three to four metres away and stared right at us before running away."Courtney immediately ran to tell her grandparents, Fiona and Charlie Skinner, at 5 Steven Terrace.The family then went out to see if they could spot it again. They were accompanied by neighbour Margaret Mackay and her granddaughter, Faith Mackay.Mrs Skinner said: "Courtney and Charlie came in screaming and shouting that they had seen a puma so we went down the field next to our house and shone a torch around."We saw the puma making its way across the field and it looked straight at us. "We could see its big green eyes in the light of the torch."Our next door neighbour has a Newfoundland dog and the cat was at least as big as the dog."It didn't make any noise but just ran off again."

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