Monday 23 May 2011

large Eel caught

Sullivan catches ‘fish of a lifetime’
Published on Friday 20 May 2011 11:38
David Sullivan used the benefit of his 30 years of freshwater eel (Anguilla, Anguilla) fishing to capture his biggest yet - an 8lb 9oz specimen.Sullivan from Leamington is a member of the National Anguilla Club (NAC), the oldest single species fishing club in the country. “I became fascinated with this fish and its incredible life cycle as a young boy,” said Sullivan.
Despite a 15-minute struggle to land the eel, Sullivan was quick to return “the fish of a lifetime” to whence it came after a quick snap. “We put them back alive,” he said. “The club believes in conservation and the European Eel is an endangered species.”

If it keeps growing it could be a monster eel. I am sure large eels are the explanation for some sea and lake monster sightings. Now if he were to catch a plesiosaur ......


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