Thursday 12 May 2011

A wee hairless beastie.

Rochester's mystery beast proving to be elusive catch
8:28 AM, May. 11, 2011
Steel traps are poised for its capture. A "wanted" poster hangs on Rochester homeowner Gwen Byrd's side door. The sign says Byrd's offering a $7 reward for the capture of "Dimples," a fearsome-looking unidentified animal Byrd said she first saw near her house three years ago.
Is there really a reward?No."I just really want this thing out of here," she said, smiling wearily while looking at the traps left by University of Rochester researchers who want to study and identify Dimples.Dimples hasn't been caught yet.Cooler temperatures since the first sighting have kept Dimples underground, and out of the traps, Byrd said, and with warmer weather here, Byrd expects another Dimples sighting soon.In the meantime, Byrd said she's discovered Dimples has a partner.

Yet another hairless beastie people may think is the chupacabra, but probably is just another  known creature.

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