Wednesday, 18 May 2011

photographing cryptids

We all complain about the quality of photos and videos that appear from time to time.They are grainy ,shaky,look like fakes etc. How ever if you take the premise that they are not all fakes and some are genuine, then it leads to the question why are they so bad?
Think about it, there you are having a cup of something sitting by Loch Ness when you spot something .You strain your eyes and then fish out the binoculars and yes it is something. Grab the camera/ video.Do you expect the person to be completely calm and take a wonderful shot or film? No of course not.Most of us can't take a decent photo when we are perfectly sober and calm so imagine how you would feel. You are camping say in the USA ,somewhere, in a forest area , and as you sit by your campfire in the dusk a huge hairy man appears. Would you be perfectly calm or would you panic, be excited, certainly would be shaky.Would your first instinct be to want to run away and hide ,rather than grab a camera? Even people who search for cryptids for years are going to be over excited if they see something, and be fumbling with cameras etc.
All I am saying is when we criticise thses photos, quite a lot of which do turn out to be fakes, remember that shaky one you think is dodgy may be the real thing. We are not all trained photographers and some mobile devices are not brilliant at taking photos anyway.Imagine yourself in that position, chatting to a friend by Loch Ness, when suddenly something appears in the water. By the time you think to grab the camera it is gone or if you get a photo it is out of focus and wobbly. I just think we should be more open minded about things and not judge too quickly.Next time you see something unusual, will you get a clear photo?

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