Saturday 2 May 2009

Breaking news: sea monster in English Channel

There are several reports of a large fast moving sea monster in the English Channel.

AMR ( I believe stands for Association of Marine Research) has collected a substantial number of testimonials from different areas. The strong similarities between the descriptions seem to confirm the existence of a ‘gigantic’ and extremely ‘fast-moving’ creature off our shores.

On 20th April 2009 Thierry and Sophie were walking along the Boulogne Harbour. They are both passionate about boats and sea-life and intended filming some of the boats in the habour. As Thierry was filming, he suddenly became aware of a large shape which appeared on the horizon. Intrigued, he zoomed the camera in and saw a huge, dark, rapidly moving object, which disappeared within a matter of seconds. Something of an amateur expert about the sea and marine life, he knew this was not simply the outline of a whale or any similar creature. He decided to contact the AMR who are pursuing further investigations.

Video footage sent by Pierce Clatworthy to the AMR shows a strange shadow speeding through the water, Pierce took this shot while on a cross Channel Ferry near the Normandie Bridge.
The AMR is eager to find out more about it and are hoping to receive similar footage. See footage and photos here :

The AMR are offering a reward I had heard for more photos and footage. So watch the footage and see if you know what it is or if you have seen it before let the AMR know. I have not come across this organisation before so cannot tell you if this is genuine or not, but go take a look and make up your own minds.


Anonymous said...

This is, very interesting, in fact all your articles are.

Tabitca said...

Thank you Ella. That is kind of you to say so. I just like finding out about new creatures.I am amazed how many unknown or un proven, if you like, cryptids there are.