Saturday 9 May 2009

El Chupacabras (the goat sucker)

The story of the the strange creature known as el chupacabras (the goat sucker), is an interesting one.The first reported attacks occurred in the early 1990’s in South America , in Puerto Rico. The creature's name originated with the discovery of some dead goats with puncture wounds in their necks and their blood allegedly drained. According to UFO Magazine (March/April 1996) there have been more than 2,000 reported cases of animal mutilations in Puerto Rico attributed to the chupacabra. There are reports of similar attacks dating back to the 1950's and it is believed that the creature formally called the Vampiro de Moca is the origin of chupacabras.

The creature has been described as looking like a cross between one of the small aliens called the 'greys' and a porcupine. It has large red eyes that glow like fire ,gray skin, a long snake-like tongue, fangs, and long spinal quills or feathers that may act as wings. It is between 4 and 5 feet tall, hops like a kangaroo, but can also fly. It stands upright on three toed feet.

There have been recent reports of the Chupacabra in California, Texas, Miami, and throughout Mexico. One of the first attacks in the U.S. was in Tuscon, Arizona where Billy Nubian's two goats were attacked by a creature in the middle of the night. He described it as a large "ratlike" creature, which when spotted, let out an "unhuman shriek" and ran away.

In Baja California, a dog was found with two puncture marks in the neck. In Miami, there was apparently a bloodbath when 69 farm animals were killed in one night. Throughout the countryside are reports of dead animals with the puncture marks in their necks. Elizabeth Saavedra claimed she was attacked by a chupacabra in the middle of the night. There have been reports recently in Brazil about the Chupacabra. A program was aired about the creature on Brazilian television on June 29th, 1997.

Some reported sightings:

In Coleman, Texas, a farmer named Reggie Lagow caught an unknown animal in a trap he set up after the deaths of a number of his chickens and turkeys. The animal appeared to be a mix between a hairless dog, a rat and a kangaroo. The mystery animal was reported to be to Texas Parks and Wildlife in hopes of determining what it was,

In November of 2005 , Kolt Jarrett spotted a medium sized to small sized creature in Floresville, Texas, At the Cycle Ranch Motocross Park. He spotted it in tall grass and between some small saplings which it was folding over, so quite a strong creature for it’s size. Kolt described it having spikes down its back with a weird shaped head, with possibly having horns. It was a brownish red and had wings, on its sides. Kolt belived it to be the El Chupacabra.

In Septemeber of 2006, in High Rolls, New Mexico, near Alamogordo, A roper Trey Rogers spotted what he believed was the El Chupacabra. He was out in the forest when he spotted a medium sized brown redish-animal that had spikes down its back and wings on its side. It took off at great speed.

In April of 2006, MosNews reported that the chupacabra was spotted in Russia.Reports from Central Russia beginning in March 2005 told of a beast that killed animals and sucked out their blood. Thirty-two turkeys were killed and drained overnight. Reports later came from neighbouring villages where 30 sheep were killed and had their blood drained. Eyewitnesses were able to describe the chupacabra.

In mid-August 2006, Michelle O'Donnell of Turner, Maine, described an "evil looking" dog-like creature with fangs found along side a road, apparently struck by a car, but it was otherwise unidentifiable. Photographs were taken and several witness reports seem to be in relative agreement that the creature was canine in appearance, but unlike any dog or wolf in the area. The carcass was picked clean by vultures before experts could examine it.

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So a strange blood sucking creature or mass hysteria? Why has it only appeared recently? Perhaps it is a new hybrid creature or global warming forced it to migrate. It is a strange story and one that just makes me think of vampire bats. They do suck animals blood and they do have fangs and wings, so perhaps a new species or an undiscovered species of bat that is migrating north? Perhaps some one will capture one soon.

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