Wednesday 24 December 2014

Ho Ho Ho I spy a cryptid

Do you believe in the cryptid Father Christmas ?

You may laugh but think about the similarities between Santa and documented  cryptids.
Cryptids tend to be seen in places with difficult terrain where they cannot easily be tracked or seen. -Santa lives in an icy wasteland.
Santa disappears and reappears. There are stories about bigfoot disappearing before people’s eyes and many cryptids are only spotted at certain times of the year when conditions are right .
Santa flies through the air on a sled with flying reindeer. There are many flying cryptids from thunderbirds to mothman.
Then there are his little helpers –the elves. They could be a descendant or offshoot of the Hobbit skeletons that were found in recent years.
He leaves gifts. There are old stories of wildmen who left food for the starving on their doorsteps.
Santa is rather hairy according to many depictions with flowing beard and locks. Ditto are many cryptids.
He has a distinctive cry-Ho Ho Ho. So do many cryptids including a species of giant bat that is said to make a similar noise.
Santa only exists in folklore stories, so do many crytids until people start to hunt for them. Nearly all cryptids from the Loch Ness Monster to the Yeti are first discovered in old stories when one looks back at the time line.
So Is Santa Claus a cryptid? Probably not as there is no eye witness testimony to back up his appearances that I am aware of (that does not include your parent in a red dressing gown and Santa hat and fake beard leaving presents at the bottom of the bed) but next time someone scoffs at your belief in cryptids, remind them they believed in Father Christmas once so don’t knock belief in the unknown.

Yule tide

Merry Christmas to all cryptid seekers. May 2015 bring fresh sightings and evidence . x

Tuesday 16 December 2014

Sea Troll and Kraken in the news

Satellite image of 'sea troll' haunting New Zealand bay debunked by science
The big wake seen swirling through one of New Zealand's picturesque bays on Google Earth called to mind a mysterious sea creature for one impressionable local — and soon the internet rumour mill buzzed with details of the "unexplained" satellite find. Pita Witehira, of Hamilton, spotted the image on Google about a week ago while researching a holiday home location at Oke Bay, in the Bay of Islands. 

For centuries people have spun tales of sea monsters with giant tentacles that drag people to their doom. Is there any truth to the stories?
by Melissa Hogenboom
For centuries, fishermen from Norway and Greenland have told tales of a terrifying sea monster: the kraken. Supposedly, this vast creature has giant tentacles that can pluck you from your boat and drag you to the depths of the ocean. You can't see it coming, because it lurks deep beneath you in the dark water. But if you suddenly find yourself catching a great many fish, you should flee: the kraken might be beneath you, scaring the fish towards the surface.

Friday 5 December 2014

a sighting of the Cowichan Lake serpent?

Please see the comment at the end of the post.
Cowichan is situated beside the Cowichan River and is the second largest lake on Vancouver Island, measuring   34 km long  and in places over 500 feet ( 166 metres)deep.
The people of Cowichan have a  history of stories of a giant serpent-like creature that lives in the deepest parts of the lake. It is said  to be over 50 feet( 16 metres) in length, with a very large head, furious eyes and an enormous mouth and teeth. The creature named Stin-Qua is said to be capable of swallowing whole  canoes and their contents.. The first story I came across is from the Kaatza Station Museum and is by  Nitinat Charlie:

There was an Indian encampment near where the March’s now live. In the camp was a very old woman who cautioned the young women to beware of the Stin-qua. Next morning three young men and three women set out in a canoe for Bald Mountain across the Lake. The men were left on the mountain to hunt deer and the women were to return for them later. The women were returning to the camp when one of the maidens stoop up in the canoe and, waiving her paddle said that she was not afraid of the Stin-qua. Almost immediately it began to get dark, the wind roared and the Stin-qua rushed through the water and swallowed the canoe and all the women. The Stin-qua disappears from the lake by an underground passage down the West Coast.

At the time it was thought to be just a legend but then reports started to appear.
The following report appeared in the Cowichan Leader newspaper on Thursday, June 12,1930: ( extracts from the report)

Is there a giant water serpent in Cowichan Lake similar to the reputed Okanogan Lake Ogopogo? There are of course, many doubters, but the mass of evidence from reliable sources has grown to such an extent that there would appear little question about there being one or more large serpents in the waters of the lake. Some time ago The Leader gathered information from various people who had seen this unusual fish and without exceptions the witnesses are most emphatic that this thing actually exists. They are anxious, also to come across it again and photograph or capture it so as to have proof of the “fish story” A new interest has been aroused in this strange reptile by the report from Mr. C. E. Cauldwell (Cougar Charlie) that last week he saw the serpent.Mr. Cauldwell and Mr. Fred Fillinger, planer foreman of the Industrial Mill, Youbou, were together at the time on the shore at the head of the lake. The serpent was distinctly seen swimming Interested in the fishing, nothing more unusual was noticed until Mr. Jarvis, looking around saw about eight feet of tapering neck and a serpent like heard standing straight out of the water.He called to Dr. Hill to look at the “apparition” and at the same time reached for his gun. Difficulty in locating his ammunition was responsible for the fact that he did not obtain a more tangible souvenir. The serpent kept it’s neck up for about four or five seconds then moved it’s head back and forth and disappeared with a serpentine motion of the body which could be seen for several seconds. The tail did not come into view although it was two or three seconds before all the body had wriggled out of sight. The main portion of the body appeared to be about a foot thick.. It appeared to them to be of a whitish color. Mr. Norman G. Thomas, proprietor of theRiverside Inn, Lake Cowichan and Mrs. Thomas report having distinctly seen the ogopogo early in October between 8:30 and 8:45 am. It was a beautiful morning and they were taking a run up the lake in their speedboat when they sighted what appeared to be two logs. Steering to go between them they bypassed around the end of one long and were within the 60 feet of “the other log” when it suddenly bowed up the middle and disappeared with great commotion.Mr. Thomas states that, on another occasion when four tourists were also on board, a long neck about 10 or 12 feet above the water was sighted. He stopped the boat and in order to get a better view and what he saw looked like a large snake about 30 to 35 feet long.
On yet a third occasion Mr. Thomas obtained a glimpse of the ogopogo while taking a party up the lake.. Mr. Thomas says that Mr. Victor Rundquist is another former lake resident who has seen the serpent. He also relates the story of an old lake resident who tells of sighting the reptile while coming down the lake in a rowboat near shore. This man saw what he took to be a telephone pole lying in the water and thinking that it would come in handy at his cabin he went over towards it, intending to hitch on a towline. When within a few feet of it “ the pole” flopped tail and disappeared. This man, although he had seen the serpent the years previously did not tell anyone about it until he recounted the incident to Mr. Thomas following the latter’s first report of having sighted it. He thought that people would be too much tempted to believe that poor liqueur was responsible.Mr. Thomas and Mr. Cauldwell compared notes at the weekend and the latter’s observance corroborates the formers estimate that the length of the serpent is about 30 to 35 feet. Whether an authentic picture or the indisputable remains will ever be obtained is left for the future to disclose.

Sawmill workers at Lake Cowichan on Vancouver Island reported seeing a large lake creature during the 1960s and a local fisherman, also in the 1960s,said he hooked something that pulled him and his boat around the lake for an hour.

So  a large eel or  water snake? There seems to have been no recent sightings I could find but an interesting tale nevertheless and the descriptions match many others in other lakes around the world. What sort of creature can stand up in water like that , like a telegraph pole? I suspect it is something undiscovered because I don’t think eels can do that though some snakes rear up such as cobras. Anyone got any theories then please post a comment.

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Anonymous said...
Hi there,
My son and I saw this today at Lake Cowichan. I did take some video, but it doesn’t show much as I was fumbling around too long trying to set the camera to video from photo…by the time I had it on the body was under water again.

Stin-Qua, The Lake Cowichan Serpent, I saw this Lake creature today with my son while fishing from the shore. I have in the past noticed disturbances in the water which seemed odd, but have always chalked it up to minor tremors or wind, which both are common here. Today though I actually saw an object moving in the water. It was about 10:45 am or so on Sunday October 7th, 2012. My son and I had been fishing with friends who had just left to go back to the house for breakfast. We were planning to return shortly ourselves. A motor boat had just taken a water skier across the lake and had disappeared around the point a few minutes prior to the sighting. I noticed a disturbance in the middle of the lake and a large dark object surfaced, it began to move east to west at a fast rate. There was a huge wake behind it and white water at the front and moving away from the front leaving a large wake. I yelled at my son to look, he had already seen it from his position on the beach(actually a small dock). I fumbled for my camera and tried to change the setting from photo to video and began shooting. Unfortunately, I did not catch much more than the wake and my own voice… Very disappointing. I was in shock afterwards as I could not rationalize what it could have been. It was very large and although 500m or so away I could make out it was an animal and alive. It was not a log or bird. Searching on the internet I found a name for the creature, Stin-Qua, so named by the local natives. I found this site and am grateful for two things, one my son saw it with me and two others have seen it too. I will be ready the next time… Something is out there.


Randy Stewart