Saturday 28 May 2011

BIgfoot on youtube

Is this Bigfoot caught on video? Hiker swears she really HAS caught him this time

By Daily Mail Reporter 28th May 2011
A woman hiker got the fright of her life after she went walking with a friend in Spokane, Washington, and stumbled across what she claims is Bigfoot.Samantha, who has not revealed her surname, caught the footage in Downriver Park with her iPhone camera and posted the video on YouTube.After capturing the mysterious creature, also known as a Sasquatch, on film, her YouTube video has become a hit and has already been viewed almost 8,000 times within four days.In her post, Samantha said she didn’t realise Bigfoot was there until she replayed her video after the hike at home.She wrote an email to KXLY news website in the US, and said: ‘Someone asked me in the comments section if I believed in Bigfoot before the video.‘I have never given it much thought, but now I’m not so sure. Seem real enough to me.

Bigfoot in Colorado Springs?

Bigfoot Sighted Again In Colorado?
Creature Seen In Green Mountain Falls, On Pikes Peak
Deb Stanley,
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- A man in Colorado Springs thinks he and others have spotted the elusive creature known as "Bigfoot."
Daniel Masias said he first spotted two of the creatures in 1982.
"In the winter, when there was snow, we noticed there were footprints. The prints didn't have shoes on them; they were just bare feet," he recalled.
Masias described the creatures as hairy and less than 6 feet tall, but the footprints they left behind were not human-like. Masias said one creature has a foot span of about 12 inches, the other about 7 inches.
Masias isn’t the only one to have claimed to have seen Bigfoot.
Ken French, a ranger for the Pikes Peak District, remembers seeing a strange creature near Sentinel Point, near the summit of the peak. "It was big and dark and it had a big gait, so it looked unusual to me."
See the pictures Masias has taken and hear an interview with him on KRDO-TV's website.

Friday 27 May 2011

sea creature spotted

A MYSTERY sea creature spotted in the Mersey has experts baffled.
The “monster” was snapped off Seacombe Ferry at 9am yesterday by photographer Mark Harrison.
Paul Renolds, from the Blue Planet Aquarium, who studied the photos, said: “It is virtually impossible to actually identify, but this is the time of year when large numbers of basking sharks, the second largest shark species in the world after whale sharks, head towards waters off the Isle of Man.” He added: “If it is not a basking shark, it could be a smaller species of whale or a dolphin because there are around 23 different species in UK waters.”

Thursday 26 May 2011

a recommendation

I don't normally recommend things but the editor is a nice person ,so check out this  magazine:

Camouflage and cryptids

This article and photographs of Cuttle fish showing how they camouflage themselves got me thinking:

What if cryptids can camouflage themselves so they cannot be seen? Perhaps we only see them when they are performing a mating ritual so that like the Cuttle fish they are more visible? There has long been speculation about Bigfoot seeming to disappear .Perhaps like the Cuttle fish , it can camouflage itself among the trees, changing the colour of its skin or fur.It would also explain why cryptids like the Loch Ness creature are seen as different colours to different people from green to black has been reported and even a yellow colour by Ted Holiday. Lots of cryptids are reported as seeming to melt into the background or become invisible. Camouflage would also explain why so few are captured on film. We forget sometimes that these creatures are part of the animal kingdom and  that practical solutions found by other creatures  through evolution, will also apply to cryptids. Humans , although their basic shape is similar, have evolved and look different from even a few thousand years ago. Cryptids must also have evolved in some way to survive and adapt to the environment along with humans, humans being  the biggest predators of all I might add, and camouflage would seem the way to avoid confrontation or even just being allowed to go on in peace. I think we need to look more to practical solutions than paranormal ones sometimes.

Wednesday 25 May 2011

amazing video of Jellyfish Lake.

Video: What it's like to swim in 'Jellyfish Lake'
By Olivia Solon
24 May 11
Jellyfish Lake, located on Eli Malk Island in the Republic of Palau, is home to vast numbers of moon and golden jellyfish, which thrive there without predators. Filmmaker Sarosh Jacob has captured the creatures on his Canon 5D camera.The two species of jellyfish became trapped in the natural basin when the ocean receded 12,000 years ago. Both species of jellyfish have gentle stinging cells (nematocytes) but these are not powerful enough to cause real harm to humans. Swimmers report light stinging sensation only on sensitive areas, such as the mouth (and presumably other, more personal, parts).

Visitors to the lake are not allowed to scuba dive because of a nutrient layer containing large quantities of stinky hydrogen sulphide that is toxic to humans. The effects of hydrogen sulphide are less severe when it enters through the skin (as it would do for divers) than if it is breathed in -- a single breath of gas containing hydrogen sulphide can cause you to enter a coma.

Says a lot about a species surviving in a lake after the ice age and the sea receded....I don’t think there is a jelly fish in Loch Ness though lol.