Thursday 30 September 2021

What Happened to the Pewaukee Lake Monster?


Pewaukee Lake Monster

Pewaukee Lake is in Waukesha County. It has a maximum depth of 45 feet and  has lots of Fish including  Musky, Panfish, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike and Walleye.

In the 1890s, people reported seeing a huge green thing travelling through the lake at speed It spouted water from its head. A reward was offered for its capture.One witness claimed to have thrown a spear at the creature, but the weapon rebounded as if it had hit  rock or iron. People became too afraid to try and catch it.

The fact it spouted water made me think it was some kind of whale.Nothing has been heard of it since .What happened to it?

The North Saskatchewan River Monster

Pink Eyed River Monster.

 The North Saskatchewan River runs through the Canadian Rockies and ends at Hudson Bay. It has a legendary monster called Pink Eye.

The first report dates back to  April  1939 .A Cree chief was crossing the river  on a horse drawn wagon when a large creature appeared in the water. He described it as having    horns  and huge eyes.The chief headed quickly to dry land as the creature got closer. It submerged when the chief reached the river bank.

In July  1942, some boys were swimming in the river The boys started throwing stones at the log . On being hit by a stone the log began to move .It turned around and swam towards them.The boys left the water and ran up the river bank.The creature tried to follow them .They described it as being large and grey with huge eyes and sharp teeth.It sank back into the water when it couldn’t reach them.

The monster nicknamed  Pink Eye was spotted again and chased two young men. One named Jimmy Richardson said how they ran from the water when a large creature appeared. It was described as having  grey skin, a large bony head, and huge pink eyes.

Some farmers claimed sheep had gone missing  and blamed the pink eyed monster.

In 1947, a visiting pilot from the Scottish Royal Air Force was out walking along the river. He poked a log he saw in the water.The log turned out to be pink eye but it did not attack.Instead it went further out into the river and was followed by a smaller creature like itself.The pilot said  the two creatures were grey skinned with large eyes that were reddish-pink.

Since then I could find no other reports. My first thought is that the creatures were albinos which would explain the pink eyes. I wondered if it was some sort of large freshwater seal or walrus.The smaller one could be female or offspring. As there have been no other sightings or photos it is difficult to make any identification or even to decide if it was a hoax or not.

Wednesday 22 September 2021

Bigfoot Fight?


Pair of Bigfoot creatures spotted by hunters who were paralysed with fear

A bow-hunter in the US has shared his story of running for his life from a "huge" Bigfoot creature, before supposedly hearing a terrifying clash between two massive beasts at a nearby river

Two hunters discovered a pair of Bigfoot creatures fighting in the wild and claim they were paralysed with fear after the sighting. 

Speaking to the Sasquatch Stories podcast, bow-hunter Mark said that he got close to not just one, but two of the elusive creatures when he was in the wilds of the US. 

He was with a friend and together they spotted the massive creatures, which measured around 15ft tall. They said that at first, they thought they could have been bears, but soon realised they weren't, as the Daily Star reports. 

As one of the creatures approached, the pair were terrified and were rooted to the spot, before they regained their nerves and ran away. 

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Friday 17 September 2021

The Mammoth Returns?


Mammoth Returns

Colossal, a new Texas-based start-up, plans to bring the woolly mammoth back from the dead and return an ancient species to the Arctic tundra.

Working with Harvard University’s Dr. George Church, a pioneer who laid the scientific groundwork for the de-extinction of the mammoth, Colossal is a “new wave of thoughtful and disruptive conservation aimed at combating the effects of climate change through ecosystem restoration,” according to their press release. Using CRISPR gene-editing technology, Colossal’s goal is to “rewild” the Siberian Tundra with mammoths for the purpose of conservation and to restore the ecosystem back to when mammoths roamed.

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Have they not learned from Jurassic Park? Much as I would love to see a Mammoth I have my doubts about bringing ancient species back to life.

Monday 13 September 2021

Hobgoblins - Folklore or Fact?


Boggarts and Hobgoblins

 Boggarts and Hobgoblins are found in UK folklore.There are places in the counties of Yorkshire and Lancashire called after Boggarts  such as  Boggart’s Hole in Lancashire or Boggle Hole in North Yorkshire . Boggarts were not invented for Harry Potter books and have been around for hundreds of years.

Hobgoblins look like small hairy men and interact with humans.  Households were thought to have their own hobgoblin that could help around the house, if treated well. The hobgoblin  would finish household chores at night whilst the family were asleep.If you upset or angered a Hobgoblin it would retaliate and would follow a family even if they moved house.It would turn  milk  sour, remove things from the house, cause animals to become lame and generally make a mess.An angry hobgoblin becomes  a boggart.

A Boggart could still look like a small hairy man or shape shift .Some  like  The  Boggart of Longar Hede  from Yorkshire were said to be  fearsome creatures the size of a calf, with long shaggy hair and eyes like saucers. The "Boggart of Hackensall Hall" in Lancashire had the appearance of a huge horse.

A story about a  boggart in Lancashire was published in 1861; the author wrote about  an elderly couple. They maintained that a boggart was buried at a nearby bend in the road under an ash tree, along with a cockerel with a stake driven through it. Despite being buried, the boggart was still able to create trouble. A farmer's wife, the old couple claimed, just two weeks earlier had heard doors banging in her farmhouse at night, then loud laughter; she looked out to see three candles casting blue light and a creature with red burning eyes leaping about. The following morning many marks of cloven hooves were seen outside the house. The couple claimed that the boggart had unhitched their horse and overturned their cart.

It is said you should never name a boggart or it will turn violent.

Another story from North  Yorkshire involved the family at Hart Hall Farm in Glaisdale and their hobgoblin. The family had been helped by this hobgoblin  for generations.One night, the master of the house caught sight of the hobgoblin.. He saw that the creature was completely naked, although very hirsute, so instead of the usual milk or cream left in payment for the work , the farmer  decided to pay that night with a smock.The hobgoblin was upset. He started shouting at the farmer  for the lack of payment and abandoned the farm. They never saw it again.

Are such little men real or just folklore? Bones that were claimed belonged to a race of small people have been found so it may be possible that small people that helped out did once exist.

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Tuesday 7 September 2021

Very Sad News

 I heard today my dear friend cryptozoologist and author Michael Newton passed away yesterday. He passed away peacefully with his wife Heather and his cats by his side.I shall miss him so much,his sense of humour and witty comments would brighten my day. In his last message to me he said if there was a way to contact me from the other side and give answers to cryptozoology questions ,he would. Full of fun until the end.However if anyone could do it,he could!

Travel well my dear friend.I shall miss you so much.May you find the answers to your questions and find your heaven .xx

Sunday 5 September 2021