Friday, 17 September 2021

The Mammoth Returns?


Mammoth Returns

Colossal, a new Texas-based start-up, plans to bring the woolly mammoth back from the dead and return an ancient species to the Arctic tundra.

Working with Harvard University’s Dr. George Church, a pioneer who laid the scientific groundwork for the de-extinction of the mammoth, Colossal is a “new wave of thoughtful and disruptive conservation aimed at combating the effects of climate change through ecosystem restoration,” according to their press release. Using CRISPR gene-editing technology, Colossal’s goal is to “rewild” the Siberian Tundra with mammoths for the purpose of conservation and to restore the ecosystem back to when mammoths roamed.

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Have they not learned from Jurassic Park? Much as I would love to see a Mammoth I have my doubts about bringing ancient species back to life.

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