Saturday 31 December 2011

weird stories about lakes and seas

Legend surrounds the mysterious 'Blue Hole'
Written by
Jim Peck | For NJ Press Media
It seems for centuries that humans all over the world have been obsessed with cryptids (legendary creatures) like mermaids, the Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot, dragons, werewolves, unicorns, and of course, our own Jersey Devil. I guess there is a fascination with the mysterious, romantic or frightening just beyond our reach .Although I’ve never seen the Jersey Devil, I was driving through the Pinelands years ago at 11 p.m. and saw, on an otherwise clear night, a line of mist lit up by my headlights going from the woods on one side of the road in a straight line across both lanes and into the woods on the other side. The memory of the incident has reminded me now and again of the place called “the Blue Hole”.This is a mysterious pond in Winslow Township thought to be an oft-visited place by the winged monster himself. The Blue Hole is supposed to be a bottomless pond (a portal to the underworld) with nothing living in it, where bathers often vanish.

For those who like looking back at previous years have a read of this:'s Weirdest Underwater Stories Of 2008
by News Service - December 29, 2008 16:25 EST


I wish you all a very happy new year and I hope 2012 is a successful year for everyone.xx

Friday 30 December 2011

yeti film a hoax and bigfoot spotted in Kentucky

Proof of Bigfoot? Not Yeti
MYSTERIOUS footage of a beast believed to be Bigfoot sparked a full-scale Yeti probe led by the Russian secret service – but turned out to be a hoax.
A video shot in a remote Russian woodland showed what appeared to be the fabled hairy beast - leading to claims the Abominable Snowman had been caught.Reports in the country – which is notorious for strange Yeti and UFO sightings – then said the creature was being held by the secret service

Bigfoot in Kentucky? Witness reports '7-foot-tall man-like creature'
Roger Marsh, Paranormal News Examiner
A Kentucky witness driving along a dark residential street reports the vehicle's headlights lit up a "7-foot-tall man-like creature" that appeared to be a cross between a monkey and a man, according to December 29, 2011, testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database."It looked as if it had fur all over its body that was a medium red color," the witness stated. "What really looked odd to me was that it seemed to have a translucent aura around it. I had to focus very hard to see these details because it seemed like the creature was moving at a pace of nearly 50 mph."The witness was afraid, but had a feeling that the entity would not hurt anyone."It seemed scared more than anything else. I feel it was trying to hide or find a way home because it was running right toward a large wooded area. I lost sight of the object within 2-4 seconds of first seeing it because it was moving so fast."

Thursday 29 December 2011

BIgfoot caught? and Finger not from yeti say scientists

Bigfoot found in Ingushetia
In the woods of Ingushetia in the North Caucasus, border guards caught a strange creature resembling the legendary Bigfoot. The animal resembles a two-meter tall gorilla but unlike it stands upright and does not rely on its front paws. The beast is scared and is growling and making strange sounds, it eats mostly meat and vegetation. The strange animal was transported to a local zoo. After a few days it will be taken away by specialists and transported to Moscow.

Infamous 'Yeti Finger' Flunks DNA Test
Benjamin Radford, Life's Little Mysteries Contributor
A finger long claimed to be from a yeti, once revered in a monastery in Nepal and taken in the 1950s by a Bigfoot researcher, has been identified after decades of mystery. Turns out, it's just a regular old human finger — albeit one with a very interesting history. The yeti is said to be a muscular beast weighing between 200 and 400 pounds and covered with dark grayish or reddish-brown hair. As in the case of its North American counterpart, Bigfoot, most of the evidence of its existence comes from fuzzy sightings, oversize footprints in the snow, or the occasional strand of funny-looking hair.But there has been one interesting piece of physical evidence of the yeti: a finger that was either bought or stolen from the Pangboche Buddhist monastery in the 1950s, depending on which disputed story you believe. It has been in London, among the collection of the Royal College of Surgeons, for more than half a century.

Wednesday 28 December 2011

the search for Mokele-mbembe

The hunt for Mokele-mbembe: Congo's Loch Ness Monster
By Cordelia Hebblethwaite BBC World Service

The search for Scotland's Loch Ness Monster is world famous. Far less well-known is the hunt for a similar creature, Mokele-mbembe, which is reputed to live in the remote north of Congo-Brazzaville. But how strong is the evidence?"I checked maps, and the data on the maps was white. It said, 'insufficient data to delineate terrain'. Well that got me!" says Dr Roy Mackal, a retired biologist from the University of Chicago."It's the end of the world. It gives you a feeling of a surviving prehistoric time."In the 1980s, Dr Mackal led two expedition teams to the vast Likouala swamp and rainforest area of the Congo which is inhabited by pygmies, on the hunt for this mystery creature - Africa's version of Scotland's Loch Ness Monster.The Mokele-mbembe is reputed to be a large reptile-like creature, with a long neck, and long tail.

Friday 23 December 2011

happy holidays

I just want to wish you all a merry and peaceful Christmas holiday. If there is any breaking news I will post it but other wise I shall be resting, feet up with a glass of sherry and a mince pie. Have a lovely Christmas everyone xx

Wednesday 21 December 2011

is santa a cryptid?

Do you believe in the cryptid Father Christmas ?

Is Santa Claus a cryptid?

You may laugh but think about the similarities between Santa and documented  cryptids.
Cryptids tend to be seen in places with difficult terrain where they cannot easily be tracked or seen. -Santa lives in an icy wasteland.
Santa disappears and reappears. There are stories about bigfoot disappearing before people’s eyes and many cryptids are only spotted at certain times of the year when conditions are right .
Santa flies through the air on a sled with flying reindeer. There are many flying cryptids from thunderbirds to mothman.
Then there are his little helpers –the elves. They could be a descendant or offshoot of the Hobbit skeletons that were found in recent years.
He leaves gifts. There are old stories of wildmen who left food for the starving on their doorsteps.
Santa is rather hairy according to many depictions with flowing beard and locks. Ditto are many cryptids.
He has a distinctive cry-Ho Ho Ho. So do many cryptids including a species of giant bat that is said to make a similar noise.
Santa only exists in folklore stories, so do many crytids until people start to hunt for them. Nearly all cryptids from the Loch Ness Monster to the Yeti are first discovered in old stories when one looks back at the time line.
So Is Santa Claus a cryptid? Probably not as there is no eye witness testimony to back up his appearances that I am aware of (that does not include your parent in a red dressing gown and Santa hat and fake beard leaving presents at the bottom of the bed) but next time someone scoffs at your belief in cryptids, remind them they believed in Father Christmas once so don’t knock belief in the unknown.

Sunday 18 December 2011

what is Paddler?

Paddler is the name of the lake creature that supposedly inhabits Lake Pend Oreille in Idaho. The lake is said to be Idaho's deepest lake at almost 1200 feet (400metres)and is 43miles long and just over six miles wide at it’s widest point. The creature has been described as over 20 feet long(6 .5 metres) and that it moves up and down in the water as it swims(undulates).
The first sighting was said to be in 1944, however there were also rumours that the navy were testing submarines in the lake.
In the 1970’s more stories appeared about a monster in the lake .In September 1977 a young girl was reportedly attacked by a strange creature near the Sandpoint City Beach.
Journalists called the creature the "Pend Oreille Paddler".
In 1984, an expedition to the lake by a North Idaho College professor , James R. McLeod, concluded that the creature was most likely to be a giant sturgeon.. While collecting testimonies McLeod noted that many people had reported seeing strange things on the lake possibly submarines.
The US Navy admitted to using the deep end of the lake for submarine research, albeit many years later . The International Submarine Engineering group (ISE) of Canada also used the lake to test the Pisces I minisub in the 1960's.
However the story doesn’t end there:
On Memorial Day, 1985, Julie Green and her friends set out for an afternoon on the Lake In the mid afternoon sun , the teacher from Coeur d'Alene reports, a large V-shaped wave crossed about 200 yards in front of her boat. "There was clearly something in the water ahead of us that was undulating, coming in and out of the water," she recalls. Green dropped her engine and gave chase, but the gunmetal-gray object, which rivalled the length of her 22-foot boat, soon outdistanced her.
Then in 2007 a photograph  was published showing something that looked like humps  surfacing in the lake.
So does the paddler really exist? There was speculation it was a story put about by the navy to cover their activities. A sturgeon is of course a possibility but in such a deep lake could there be something else lurking? Maybe the navy should use a minisub to find out.
There is a book on the creature by James R. McLeod, “Mysterious Lake Pend Oreille and its Monster”, 1984

Wednesday 14 December 2011

Man recalls bigfoot encounter and killer beast stalks park lake.

Norfork man recounts 'Bigfoot' encounter
Extract: The striking model of Bigfoot stands 8 feet tall in the dining room of LaBrecque's home. He says it depicts accurately what LaBrecque remembers from sightings and a physical encounter with a Bigfoot specimen on June 18, 1977, and from many descriptions of the creature prior to his experience. The encounter happened, according to LaBrecque, between 9-10 p.m. near a woodpile behind LaBrecque's home in the Windsor Heights suburb of Des Moines, Iowa. Prior to the altercation, LaBrecque says he observed almost nightly a Bigfoot specimen — about 8 feet tall — that sometimes appeared with two apparently juvenile Bigfoot creatures.
Read rest here:

Killer beast stalks Olympic Park as experts fear alligator or python is on the loose
By Chris Parsons
Wildlife experts have revealed that a mysterious giant creature is lurking in waters near the Olympic Park in East London. Witnesses alerted environment bosses after seeing a 16lb Canada goose dragged under the surface, with fears there could now be a pike, alligator or even a large python stalking the waters near the Olympic site. The number of swans on the river and waterways near the newly-built £9bn Olympic Park is also dropping. Mike Wells saw the deadly attack on the Canada goose from a boat on the River Lea last month. He said: 'We were just passing the time of day looking at a Canada goose 30 yards away, but then it just suddenly disappeared. It went down vertically. There wasn’t any hesitation, it went straight down. It didn’t come back up. My friend and I looked at each other slack-jawed.