Friday 28 June 2013

mysterious blob explained

Mysterious Blob Alarms Divers off the Coast of Cuba
Liz Burlingame
Divers were baffled earlier this month after discovering a large, blob-like life form floating off the coast of Cuba. It was pink, translucent and roughly the size of a human.
Photographs of the mysterious blob eventually reached marine biologist Rebecca Helm, a PhD student at Brown University. After scouring 247 aquarium forums, journal articles and Japanese websites, Helm believes she's found an answer.

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Reality films and evidence at Loch Ness

click link to see the trailer over at CFZ website. Any comments?

rare pink dolphin photographed

By Daily Mail Reporter

These incredible images show an extremely rare pink dolphin as it leaps out of an Amazonian river.
The pink mammal, which usually hides deep in the Rio Negro river - a tributary of the Amazon - was spotted leaping out of the water.
Weighing in at 21 stone the creature, known as an Amazon Pink River Dolphin, looked impressively agile as it rose above the waves.
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Monday 24 June 2013


for those who requested more information about my books you will find them all here: (not all the books are cryptozoology though).

another new discovery

Knobbly reptile roamed vast ancient desert

A bizarre reptile with knobbly growths on its head roamed a vast, isolated desert about 260 million years ago, researchers say.
New fossils from northern Niger in Africa have been described in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.
The distinctive creature belongs to a new genus of pareiasaur - plant-eating creatures that flourished during the Permian period.
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More Canadian Lake Monsters

Charleston Lake is situated in Canada 30 miles north of Kingston. It is approximately 9 miles long and about 4 miles wide with a depth of over 450 feet( 150 metres) in some places. It is known as a good place for fishing, so there are good food sources in the area. There is said to be a strange creature living in the lake nicknamed Charlie by the residents. It has been recorded as being seen for over a 100 years.
In 1897 Noah Shook claimed he was pursued by a large, hissing creature.
In 1947 three fisherman reported that they had seen a dinosaur type creature swimming in Tallow Bay Rock.
In 1994, Mr. H while visiting the place his father’s ashes were scattered on the lake , saw what he described as being a large rain slick in the water. "I had never seen anything in the like that before" he said.
In 1997, a couple travelling at night claimed they saw waves that were 3 to 4 feet (just over 1 metre) high, caused by something in the water. There wasn’t any wind and the water was calm and there were no boats in the area.
(If anyone knows of any more recent sightings please post a comment).

Charlie is not the only strange creature in the area:
There have also been reports of a snake like creature, living in Red Horse Lake located in nearby Lyndhurst. The creature is said to be greenish black, a head like a horse with small breathing tubes on its head and it about 60(20 metres) to 80 feet ( 26 metres) long. Fisherman have reported seeing a long black body in the water
In the 1970s, an unnamed woman , said she was leaning over her small row boat in order to grab a bullfrog for her pond when a creature "just popped its head right out of the water and looked at me!" The woman screamed from fright and the creature dived beneath the water leaving foaming bubbles. The woman left immediately.
Both lakes are in The Charleston Provincial Park. The park also provides habitat for the rare black rat snake which is also the largest snake found in the area. The Black Rat Snake (Elaphe obsoleta) sometimes called a pilot black snake is a non-venomous species . It prefers wooded areas and is known for having the ability to climb the trunk of large mature trees . It is known to reach lengths of 8 feet( 2.6 metres) but one was found that was 9.1 ( 3metres)feet long.

Now what if a snake  fell from a tree into a lake? That would explain the hissing creature that chased Mr Shook all those years ago. It may also account for some of the other sightings but not all of them. Just a thought for Monday.

in this weeks news, bigfoot fossil and Jersey devil .

Man believes he found fossilized Bigfoot head
By Mark Saal Standard-Examiner staff
OGDEN — “I found a fossilized Bigfoot skull.”
A journalist can go his or her entire life waiting to hear those six magic words. And yet, on a recent weekday afternoon, that very thing happened. Todd May, of Ogden, dropped by the offices of the Standard-Examiner to see if someone would be interested in a story about a fairly impressive fossil find. After showing off a couple of digital photos, May offered six even more compelling words — “Do you want to see it?” — followed by the motherlode of sentences: “It’s out in the trunk of my car.”In the trunk of your car? Do I want to see it? Does Bigfoot make in the woods?
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Mysterious monster-like creature spotted in Oklahoma
    By: John Albrecht, Jr.
A post on Reddit is getting a lot of attention today. Someone from New Jersey posted a photo of a strange monster-like looking creature climbing along a fence. A few readers are wondering what the unidentified animal is and some even think that it might be a Jersey Devil. Read rest here :

Saturday 22 June 2013

The war over Nessie continues

Nessie at centre of major fall-out
Written by Duncan Ross
A bitter war of words has broken out over how to promote the Inverness area’s biggest tourism asset — the Loch Ness Monster. The row is threatening to split the local business community and has already led to resignations from Drumnadrochit Chamber of Commerce. Among those to go is the influential Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition.In a letter to the chamber, George Edwards of Loch Ness Cruises, criticises the scientific approach taken by veteran researcher Adrian Shine and others at the Loch Ness Centre. He says visitors come out of the exhibition feeling disappointed after being told that Nessie is "a myth".
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This is why no one takes hunting for Nessie seriously. The constant wrangling between businesses and Nessie researchers makes it a farce. Grow up all of you and work together!

Thursday 20 June 2013

sheep eating plant

RHS 'sheep-eating' plant about to bloom in Surrey

A South American plant with a 10ft (3m) tall flower spike is about to bloom in a Surrey glasshouse for the first time since it was planted 15 years ago.
The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) at Wisley said the Puya chilensis, a native of Chile, would bloom in the next few days and last about a week.  see rest plus pic here :

so maybe man eating plants may not be such a fantasy after all :

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Yowie sighting

Yowie sighted at Bexhill - witness asks to stay anonymous
    Jamie Brown
CALL it what you will: A Yeren, a Yeti or a Yowie, but the fact remains that people the world over keep seeing these big hairy buggers lurking in the night. The latest sighting took place recently just north of Bexhill when a Lismore resident and music videographer spied the classic creature crossing a moonlit Bangalow Road.