Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Another big cat sighting in the UK

Big cat sighted at Uckfield
A bit cat - possibly a black panther - has been sighted in Uckfield.A group of members of staff from Uckfield Community Hospital, were working a night shift when they glanced towards the window as something had caught their eye.
A staff member who does not wish to be named said: “It was ten to nine, so still light and I could see quite clearly. I watched a large, black creature - definitely not a dog - move across the piece of land at the side of the hospital. It had a very long tail, thick and curled at the end. It also had a long body. It moved like a cat - as you know, cats move differently from dogs.”

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Filmplop said...

I live and work in the area. A former colleague of mine (a fella I never knew to exaggerate or tell stories) claimed that he and and another colleague saw a "panther" (used, I think, in the generic 'big cat' sense)and one of its young crossing the tracks at Buxted train station very early one morning. Buxted being one station along from Uckfield.

Just thought it might be of interest :)