Friday 17 July 2015

Another sighting of the Lake Bala Creature

was contacted today with this sighting  of the Lake Bala Creature:
Anonymous said...
I have been prompted today to write this comment after reading yet another story about the Loch Ness Monster, but let me tell you about my experience whilst diving in Bala many years ago.

For the record I,m a 68 year old retired person, who has seen this creature under the water, whilst diving there in 1975.

A team of us had dived the previous week in the lake, but due to the visibility at that time which was poor, we decided to return the following week with our families.

But this time we were better equipped with torches.

As I recall there was about 9 of us in the team, we headed in from the shale shore on the backside of the lake on the opposite side to the town. After 30 foot out and 30 down, it blacks out, so we lined up holding onto each others back packs which held the tanks.

As we descended it got darker, I was second in the team with the leader holding one of the two torches. At 98 feet I suddenly saw a browny grey flank of something very large go through the beam. I normally describe it as the size of the back of an office swivel chair, but the curvature of it was much bigger.

I never seen the head, and I never stayed around to see the tail of this very long creature, which was very very long. As it seemed to keep going through the beam for a long time.

With shock I broke off the line and made my way to the top, when the rest of the lads came up shortly after, each said that they had seen something, but could not define exactly what it was.

Shortly after Scofields Quest was on TV talking about the "monster", I called the show producers and told them of my experience, this was some years later. They ask for any information to be sent in, whichI did.

The following week on tv, my experience was quoted, they also read out the entries in my Divers Log Book, which had the incident logged. Also in the log book it had the dated entries, which showed all of the dive dates both before and after, prooving it was a genuine entry.

Shortly after a Japanese tv show spoke with me in regards the experience !

Apparently at that time also, the Lake Manager had also reported that he had seen it himself.

Its without doubt that there is something very very large in that lake.Wheather it there now,I do not know.

What is good about this story, is that it happened many years ago, but it can be proven, because it was a featured story on Scofields Quest !!

Can I say "the plot thickens"
17 July 2015 at 15:21

Scientists have discovered a winged dinosaur .Here be dragons !

Dinosaur find: Velociraptor ancestor was 'winged dragon'
By Victoria Gill Science reporter, BBC News

Scientists have discovered a winged dinosaur - an ancestor of the velociraptor - that they say was on the cusp of becoming a bird. The 6ft 6in (2m) creature was almost perfectly preserved in limestone, thanks to a volcanic eruption that had buried it in north-east China.And the 125-million year-old fossil suggests many other dinosaurs, including velociraptors, would have looked like "big, fluffy killer birds". But it is unlikely that it could fly.
Read rest here :

So was this origin of dragons ? Where they really winged dinosaurs? Interesting thought for a Friday.