Tuesday 3 November 2015

The Ahool sighted?

Almada resident Pedro Roque told Cryptozoology News on Sunday that he and his three friends were exploring a nearby forest in late August when the unidentified winged creature showed up.
“I and another friend heard a noise above. It looked like a large flying animal, perhaps a giant bat,” Roque explained.
The sighting reportedly lasted only a few seconds.
“Only a great flying black figure with wings. It looks a bit like a giant bat.”
Roque said he and his friends had never seen anything like it before. Large bats, such as the endangered species Acerodon jubatus, also known as the golden-capped fruit bat, are not endemic to Portugal.

Could it have been an Ahool?

The Ahool is a legendary giant bat. It is named because of its distinctive call ahooool. It was reported in the rainforests of Java. It is described as having an ape-like face with large dark eyes, large claws on its forearms and a body covered in grey fur. It is said to have a wingspan of 10 feet (3 metres), it’s flattened forearms supporting its leathery wings. It has reported as being seen squatting on the forest floor, and appeared to be the size of a small child , about 4 feet(1.1 metre) in height. The Ahool’s habits are to spend it's days in waterfall caves, while it spends nights skimming across the jungle waterways scooping up fish with large claws located on the top of it's forearms.

And do giant bats exist:

Would it be warm enough in Portugal for giant bats to exist there? With global warming anything is possible.