Sunday 15 May 2022

New Hampshire Monster Tales


New Hampshire Lake Monsters

Spofford Lake is a 732-acre lake in the town of Chesterfield in southwestern New Hampshire, United States. In the 1980s a  diver exploring the lake stopped to rest on a log . The log was however alive and was a  22 foot long( 7 metres)  eel or snake which swam off. It was a  grey colour.So just a story?

Dublin Lake is a 241 acre lake also  in Cheshire County in southwestern New Hampshire. It is one of the clearest bodies of water and is cold with depths reaching 100 ft (33 metres).In  the late 1970's or early 1980's, a diver was exploring the bottom of Dublin Lake when he encountered some caves on the shelf floor. Going to  investigate the diver saw horrible  monsters that lived in the oxygen rich pockets in the caves. He was found shocked and wandering by some youngsters near the lake. There is no description  of the monsters.

So another story? It seems strange that lakes within a few miles of each other should both contain some sort of large marine life .Could there be connecting caverns/tunnels ? Until someone else is brave enough to investigate it will remain a story .

A Vietnamese Bigfoot ?


The Nguoi Rung is a sort of  Bigfoot that lives  in Vietnam, Laos and Borneo. It is 6 - 7 feet tall  (approx 2 metres) and covered in black or dark red fur. The knees, feet, and hands  and face are all bare. It  walks like a human and the face is human -like with a snub nose.

Along the Loatian border this bigfoot  is called Khi-Trau, meaning "big monkey."

It is said they break into houses to steal food.During the Vietnam War, soldiers believed they saw, and shot at a Nguoi Rung. The injured creature escaped, leaving footprints and a trail of blood. Unfortunately, no samples of the blood were recovered for further analysis.

American veteran Thomas M. Jenkins , a former scout in Vietnam in 1969 , said that he once saw a large group of apes  that looked like people throwing stones at his platoon. That's why American soldiers called these creatures Rock Apes .


Mr. A Pho, 60 years old, from Le village, said:

“ I have never seen it, but when my father was alive, every time there was a festival in the village, drinking wine, my father would tell a story about meeting the Forest Man. Father said that the Forest Man has a body like an ape, wears no clothes, because of his hair, dark gray like the skin of a buffalo, howls longer than an ape .”

Talking about the legend of the Jungle, Mr. HRach Lao , Chairman of the People's Committee of Mo Rai commune said:

“ The Story of the Forest Man has existed in the minds of the Ro Ma for decades. Until now, they still believe, deep in the old forests on top of Chu Mom Raythere, the Woodman still exists. Many seniors in Le village have claimed to have seen the Forest Man… And the truth is that many years ago until now, scientists are still learning and researching. As for the fact that the Forest Man entered the village to catch people to eat meat, it was just speculation and had no basis. Two men in the village are missing, possibly because they were attacked by wild animals and venomous snakes while in the forest. Or due to illness, not getting out of the forest in time. Because the forest is too dense, it cannot be found. After all, the stories involving the Woodman have been around for a long time. But in the minds of the Ro Ma, the Forest Man still haunts them. Now, every festival, people gather to drink wine, bring old stories, including the story of the Forest Man, to tell their children and grandchildren all night long .Pausing for a moment, he affirmed: " But I'm sure of one thing, people never lie... ".

So old men’s tales after a drink or does a small bigfoot live in Vietnam? There have been lots of new discoveries of new species since the war ended and so it is quite possible a human like ape creature lives in the forests.

Strange Water Creatures Portland Indiana


The Hollow Block  Lake Creature

A fishing trip  to Portland, Indiana’s Hollow Block Lake was cut short when five young men encountered a strange creature.They claimed  a square-shaped monster emerged screeching from the water. It rose like a submarine and was about 8 feet long. This was the third sighting in two years and taken seriously by the local police.

Source : The Indianapolis Star, Indiana, 05 Aug 1960,

Earlier that year another water monster caused a stir .It was called the monster of Craig’s Well.About 30 miles south of Portland is Lynn where the monster appeared in a well.

This monster  described as "an eerie beast with a dome-shaped head, two bulbous eyes and eight flailing tenacles as long as a man's arm," was found  in a cistern on Dan Craig's farm.  Craig eventually  pumped the 12-foot-deep well  dry. At the bottom an  the octopus-like monster could be seen crawling among the debris left there. Craig described the monster  as  "mushroom coloured" and said the tentacles had  grey lobster-type claws on the ends.

Source: Logansport Press  June 9, 1960

The creature disappeared leaving some to speculate it had made a new home in Hollow Block Lake.

The two creatures did not have the same description so unlikely but what was at the bottom of Craig’s well? .In the gloom it could have been an ordinary animal that looked like a monster or it could have been some new species.What do you think?


Thursday 5 May 2022

Roof sitters-strange creatures


strange roof creatures

All over the internet there are stories of strange creatures seen sitting on a roof-here are two examples:

Phantom Roof Creature


By Stephen Wagner,

This happened about 2007 in the summer. I am 54 years old and live in a very small town in southeastern Washington. I worked for our local small town hospital cleaning the doctors' offices and local clinic after hours, usually around midnight to 5 a.m.This was about 2 or 3 in the morning and the night was clear and warm. I was standing outside in front of one of the offices having a smoke. I was turned toward the parking lot with the building about 30 feet away and to my right. I was looking up at the sky when suddenly movement to my right caught my eye. I quickly turned my head and caught sight of something dark -- very dark, like a shadow -- on the roof. It moved quickly behind the dormer. It moved so fast that all I saw was the back end of it. Its head had already gone behind the high dormer that was on the roof over the entryway. It was about the size of a man, but it seemed to move like a hyena, with rounded haunches, and if it had a tail, it was tucked between its legs.I wasn't scared, really, but I went inside nonetheless. A few weeks later, I was sitting in my truck at the same set of offices taking a break. Across the parking lot straight ahead of me I saw movement. This thing ran like a shadow under the light, moving from one building to the next, moving against the walls of the buildings. I don't know what I saw those two times, but I will tell you this: I saw something and I don't believe it was human. It was some sort of animal, but I got the impression it was intelligent. The older I get, the more I have come to realize just how much we don't know about the world we live in.


Strange Flying Creature

by Mr. Izu

This actually happened to my older brother and my grandma in Puerto Rico when he was about 9 (he's 33 now). My grandparents' house had a lot of land, and it inclines down,so if you look at the house from street level you see only the top part of the driveway and the roof of the house. Also, the house is near some huge mountains which surround Utuado, so in the back are the mountains.One day, my brother was playing on the driveway (from there you could see on top of the roof) and he looked up because he heard a loud thump, when he looked up my grandma came out at the same time. They looked on top of the roof and saw a short, hairy, dark brown apelike thing, with wings. It shook off and flew away into the mountains. To this day, they still don't know what it was, but they think it was a monster from the "yunque" which is like a rainforest in Puerto Rico, where they spliced the genes of many animals to create different ones. It is said that that's how the chupacabra was made. They think it escaped from there and hid in the mountains.

Are these creatures some sort of chupacabra or a mothman type creature? It is very curious that they are reported all over the world. Giant bats could be one explanation but these creatures are seen in parts of the world where native bats are only small, such as the UK. Anyone care to post a comment to speculate what these roof sitters might be?