Sunday 15 May 2022

Strange Water Creatures Portland Indiana


The Hollow Block  Lake Creature

A fishing trip  to Portland, Indiana’s Hollow Block Lake was cut short when five young men encountered a strange creature.They claimed  a square-shaped monster emerged screeching from the water. It rose like a submarine and was about 8 feet long. This was the third sighting in two years and taken seriously by the local police.

Source : The Indianapolis Star, Indiana, 05 Aug 1960,

Earlier that year another water monster caused a stir .It was called the monster of Craig’s Well.About 30 miles south of Portland is Lynn where the monster appeared in a well.

This monster  described as "an eerie beast with a dome-shaped head, two bulbous eyes and eight flailing tenacles as long as a man's arm," was found  in a cistern on Dan Craig's farm.  Craig eventually  pumped the 12-foot-deep well  dry. At the bottom an  the octopus-like monster could be seen crawling among the debris left there. Craig described the monster  as  "mushroom coloured" and said the tentacles had  grey lobster-type claws on the ends.

Source: Logansport Press  June 9, 1960

The creature disappeared leaving some to speculate it had made a new home in Hollow Block Lake.

The two creatures did not have the same description so unlikely but what was at the bottom of Craig’s well? .In the gloom it could have been an ordinary animal that looked like a monster or it could have been some new species.What do you think?


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