Monday 19 December 2016

Merry Be

Just to wish everyone who celebrates it ,a merry christmas. Lets hope for more Cryptid sightings in 2017. I am hoping to go into remission in 2017 and be able to write again. Wish me luck. xx

Megalodon and Mayan Monsters

Giant megalodon shark teeth may have inspired Mayan monster myths

Giant fossilized teeth from extinct megalodon sharks may have inspired portrayals of a primordial sea monster in Mesoamerican creation myths, according to a new study of the concepts of sharks in ancient Mayan society.
The study looked at how the Maya combined a practical, prescientific knowledge of sharks with their traditional understanding of the world around them as the creation of gods and monsters.
In the research paper, titled “Sharks in the Jungle: real and imagined sea monsters of the Maya,” published online Nov. 21 in the journal Antiquity, Sarah Newman, an archaeologist at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, wrote that fossilized teeth from the extinct shark species Carcharodon megalodon were used in sacred offerings at several ancient Mayan sites, such as Palenque in southern Mexico, where archaeologists have found 13 megalodon teeth. [See Photos of Megalodon Sharks and How They Inspired Mayan Myths]
Giant megalodon sharks were apex predators of the world’s oceans from around 23 million years ago until 2.6 million years ago. Their teeth, jaws and vertebrae have been found at many sites in Central America.
Newman said ancient Mayan depictions of a sea monster named “Sipak” — also known as Cipactli (which translates to “Spiny One”) to the Aztecs of central Mexico — have a single giant tooth that bears a strong resemblance to the fossilized megalodon teeth from sacred offerings found at Mayan sites.
I wonder what other monster myths  may have come from fossil finds? There is a theory that dinosaur bones gave rise to stories about dragons.