Wednesday 27 October 2021

The Kraken found?


Identity Of Mystery Giant Squid That Gatecrashed Shipwreck Search Revealed

Fishing around in the ocean can turn up some unexpected things, including shipwrecks, ginormous beasts, and mysterious species. An expedition by OceanX back in 2020 managed to have all three, as an unidentified giant swooshed past while they were inspecting a surprise find: the Pella, a ferry that sank after catching fire in 2011.

The remarkable scene was stumbled across by a remote operating vehicle (ROV) owned by the marine research organization. The year was 2020, and the OceanXplorer research ship had set out to map the seafloor of the northern Red Sea. Using onboard technologies, they were able to establish the lay of the land but came across a 100-meter (328-foot) long lump on the seafloor.While the Pella’s remains were easy enough to identify, pinning down the many-legged mystery that paid them a visit proved more difficult to solve. Fortunately, the mysterious squid appeared to make an appearance in every single one of the ROV’s three visits to the wreck, though it’s possible the cameos were the work of more than one animal.Armed with their footage, the team behind the discovery sought to settle the debate in seeking the expertise of invertebrate zoologist Michael Vecchione of the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History, Washington. To their delight, he had an answer.

"We got photobombed by the giant purpleback," Mattie Rodrigue, science program lead at OceanX, told Live Science. You’ve been rumbled, Sthenoteuthis oualaniensis.

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Once thought a myth ,but proved to be a reality .Who knows what may be filmed deep in our seas next?

Monster Turtle in West Virginia ?


Freshwater Monster

A 20 feet ( over 6 metres) monster has been reported along the Monongahela River in Marion County the Ohio  and Allegheny (West Virginia and Pennsylvania).It has had several names including the Rivesville Monster or the Hoult Monster, but it is usually called Ogua. Some describe it as a huge snapping turtle ,some more alligator like.Some say it has two heads and comes on land and can eat a whole deer. In prehistoric times giant turtles did live in the area.

It was first mentioned  in 1745 in Hoult when a 12 Year old boy was pulled under water by the creature while fishing with his family. The boy was never found. There have been more sightings since then .

Two West Virginia men claimed to have seen the monster in 2019. The two fishermen at first thought  a homeless person had fallen in the river until they saw a snake-like tail.Nate Moreno and Jake Byers believe they saw the Ogua River Monster while fishing for catfish. The two men spotted the Ogua Monster in the moonlight, initially thinking it might have been a homeless person who fell in the river. They watched Ogua between 5 and 10 minutes. One of the guys claimed to have seen the monster just a few days prior. It looked something like “someone swimming on their hands and knees, crawling across the rocks” except it had a snake-like tail. Read  their story here:

A prehistoric survivor or an anomaly? Hopefully more sightings will show what is lurking among the cat fish.



Saturday 16 October 2021

Strange Sea Creature Spotted


Mystery beast with no eyes, ears or mouth stuns diver in depths of the Red Sea

 Lukas Ostertag, from Heidelberg, Germany, was one of those who encountered the freaky sea beast, which he described as being a “long square rubber pipe-like thing”, while diving.

Lukas Ostertag was one of the underwater group who encountered the freaky sea beast while diving in the Sataya Reef, off the Egyptian coast.

The 23-year-old described the creature’s appearance as being a “long square rubber pipe-like thing” with a pointy end.

“It looked like nothing I've seen before,” he said. "It definitely was super strange as it seemed to move on its own and nobody knew what it was."

Lukas said it reminded him of the Yrr - a fictional deep-sea species hellbent on destroying mankind, dreamed up by Frank Sch tzing for his novel, The Swarm.

He and his fellow divers thought it might be a kind of polyp - a soft-bodied organism related to sea anemones and jellyfish.

Others guessed it to be a worm or a kind of plant, Lukas said, while one other person thought it might be a jellyfish.

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Always more to discover in the sea.I suspect it was a type of worm .

Wednesday 13 October 2021

New Zealand Bigfoot?


Moehau Bigfoot.

For  years there have been stories about a creature lurking in the Moehau mountain range on the Northern end of the Coromandel Peninsula of New Zealand . The Moehau as it is called after the area, is described as being a large  hairy bipedal creature.It has very long arms ending  in long fingers with sharp razor like nails.

In the 1870’s gold miners, looking for a place to stake a claim,reported sightings of  frightening creatures. Large human-like creatures were reported as attacking  prospectors.The local Maori indigenous people warned  prospectors not to go into the bush alone.

Nicola McCloy in her book: “New Zealand Mysteries” (Whitcoulls, 2005). Wrote that an Australian tourist  saw the creature as she bush walked in  1969. She described it as being like a gorilla.

In 1972 two pig hunters  said they saw a large creature some way from them. When they reached where they thought the creature had been standing all they  found were huge human-type footprints .

In 1983 a group  of the creatures  were seen by two men, in the vicinity of Lake Waikaremoana. The two men said there were  three juvenile females, a juvenile male, two  adult females and one adult male about six feet (2 metres)high. They were dressed in animal hides and  watched the men from behind foliage above a gully .The sighting lasted for about 5 or 6 minutes.

Some say that it   is an  exaggerated report of an escaped gorilla but it would have to be a family of them and they would have been around for over 100 years.So a New Zealand bigfoot? John Green said it was unlikely because New Zealand is so isolated and an island. In the ancient past it would have been attached to the mainland so the creatures could have been trapped there .Some say its a hoax but if so it has lasted for a very long time.