Thursday 30 May 2024

The Billiwhack Creature


Billiwhack Monster

This creature is said to be sighted around the former Billiwhack Dairy in Santa Paula, California

 Its described as a tall  goat/ape/ human hybrid with twisted horns and grey or  white fur.Sightings started  in the 1940 and it has been seen multiple times. Most sighting have been reported by local students to the area. Some say it carries  a large club and throws  large rocks at cars leaving dents.

The Billiwhack Dairy was once owned and operated by the Ruble family. It closed in the mid 1920's and has since been sold many times .The abandoned buildings of the old dairy still dominate the land.. In the fifties, a nine year old boy reported being attacked and clawed by a weird animal near the Billiwhack Dairy. He had scratches across his arms and back. Then  in 1964  it terrorized several hikers for a few  hours and made headlines in a local newspaper.

The Ventura Star Free Press published the first article about the Monster on November  4th 1964. It was the main source of news coverage of the Monster.

The Billiwhack Monster is reputed to  have been the creation of secret experiments during World War II that were intended to create super soliders by the Office of Strategic Services or the OSS. The OSS was the precursor to the Central Intelligence Agency. The story is that the OSS had Ruben performing experiments beneath the dairy. The Billiwhack Monster is apparently a product of this research and experimentation that escaped to roam the local area.

A secret organizations, the OSS was involved in all sorts of experiments ranging from brainwashing techniques, use of  drugs on unsuspecting  victims, studies of diseases for use in warfare, and other immoral practices.

 The creature seemed to mainly be attracted to attacking young people.The last sighting I could find was in the 1970s , a woman  and her husband saw it crossing the highway in front of their car.It was over 100 yards away so they could have been mistaken.

So super soldier or urban legend? Maybe someone will make an investigation of the diary buildings and reveal the answer.

Moberly Lake Monster


Moberly Lake Creature

Moberly Lake is  east of Dawson Creek, British Columbia .Like many Canadian Lakes it is said to have a resident monster. 65 million years ago, Moberly Lake was part of the shore of a great inland sea.

There have been various sightings of the Moberly Lake monster over the years, It has an abundance of fish such as Trout and Pike.

Moberly Lake is special to the Dane-zaa First Nations people, they call it  “the lake you can depend on.” Food sources there were always plentiful and reliable.The Dane-zaa First Nations also know , Moberly Lake as “the lake with a hole through it” or “the lake with no bottom.” There is a legend that is often told of an ancient creature that surfaces sometimes. The average depth of the lake is 18.3 m (60 ft) and maximum depth said to be 42.7 m (140 ft).Deep enough to hide a monster even if it is not bottomless.

In 1989 a local  resident reported seeing a creature in the lake with a horse like head.It seems the first nation legend may not be a legend after all.

Since then there seems to have been no sightings reported but possibly people are reluctant to report it because of fear of ridicule. If anyone knows of any more recent reports of the creature please post in comments .

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