Wednesday 21 October 2020

Heavenly Lake Monster Sighted Again

 Heavenly Lake Creature 

A worker at a national park has filmed what he believed to be the famous lake monster in north-eastern China. 

Eerie footage captured by the man shows a black round object floating on the surface of the Tian Chi, or 'Heaven Lake', at the Changbai Mountain in Jilin Province.

The alpine lake is renowned for having a mysterious beast - the Chinese equivalent to the Loch Ness Monster - said to be first sighted nearly six decades ago. 

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Heavenly Lake is in a remote region of the Jilin Province of China on the border of the Ryanggang Province of North Korea. The lake is also known as Lake Tianchi ,Chonji Lake in Korean (Heavenly Lake in English). It lies in a crater at the top of Baekdu Mountain. It is the highest crater lake in the world, at 7,180 feet( 2360 metres) and with a depth in places of over 1,200 feet( 400 metres). A large unknown creature has been reported seen in the lake for many years. It has been described as a large greyish black animal, about 30 feet(10 metres) in length with a horse like head..

The first sighting appears to be in 1903 when one reportedly attacked three people. It was described as a huge buffalo-like creature that roared retreated underwater when they shot at it In August 1962, there were over reported sightings of two creatures chasing one another through the water.

in 1994 a Chinese State Media report quoted a sightseer by the name of Meng Fanying who stated that he watched the creature leap from the water, in a seal like fashion, 30 feet off shore.

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Some sightings report the creature as having fins like a whale or being seal like.The question is how did it get there?

Tuesday 20 October 2020

Blue Lakes Devil Fish

 Blue Lakes

There s a unique pair of  California lakes called Blue Lakes. They lie 135 miles north of San Francisco .Blue Lakes is two separate lakes ,Upper and Lower

The upper lake is 180 feet  deep  and 1.2 miles long. Lower Blue Lake is 25 feet deep. Blue Lakes is exceptionally popular for fishing having large mouth bass, trout, catfish etc.

From autumn  1870 until 1872, the Blue Lakes were inhabited  by a creature described as either  a Chinese Dragon or a thirty foot giant fish.

The local indigenous people have stories about a huge monster resembling a half fish and half horse, to which they call the Devil Fish. Different reports state the creature varies  in length from ten to twenty feet.  The monster is held in great dread. It is said to make its appearance on the surface of the water only once in ten years and heralds calamity and bad luck.

I also found this : One of those beings was called “Bagil”. This being lived at Blue Lake and made that location a danger to humans. Barrett, S.A. 1933, Pomo Myths, Vol 15, pg 1-608, Bulletin of the Public Museum of Milwaukee.


There were several articles in the Press about the sightings.

Russian River Flag, Number 4, 8 December 1870
Extract from  ‘A VOICE FROM BLUE LAKE’

It is said that there is a monster fish, or water dragon, inhabiting the upper Blue Lake. He is described as being thirty feet long and has only been seen by a few of the older inhabitants. The Indians of this country have long had a superstitious notion of the presence of his fishship and regard him as a sort of deified king of the water. They never camp close to that lake. One of my neighbors here is so strongly impressed with the belief that such a fish does inhabit the lake that he has had made a hook and is now engaged in trying to catch him. The hook is nine inches long, and attached to it is twelve feet of strong chain, which he don’t believe any fish can bite in two, and to that is attached a good large rope seventy feet long, which is firmly fastened to a tree near the water’s edge. The hook is baited with a ham of venison and is now floating in the lake awaiting the approach of this fabulous Hydra.’

A few months later a man driving a wagon on a road overlooking the upper lake shared his sighting.
Russian River Flag, Number 10, 19 January 1871

The Monster in Blue Lake
‘Your correspondent—“H.D.L.” in a most recent letter to you of this country, and among other things, mentioned a reputed inhabitant of one of those lakes. But he, like many other, myself included, discredited the existence of his fishship. My doubts were dispelled the other day, however, by an awful view of this curiosity. While coming across the grade on the bank of the upper lake last Saturday, I caught a glimpse of him swimming near the opposite shore, a distance of some four hundred yards from me. I stopped the team to have a good look at him. When I first saw him he was at a considerable depth in the water, but he soon rose to the surface, so that I could see him plainly. He moved slowly a short distance, then changing his direction swam out of sight. I should think it would measure at least twenty feet in length and five or six feet around the body.

The Indians here-abouts have the superstition that a sight of this monster devil fish, as they call him, is certain death to them. They will not fish in the lake he inhabits, (the Upper Blue Lake). I refused to believe this big fish story until convinced by the evidence of my own eyes. I find my incredulity gone but am unable to say what this huge creature is. Inhabiting the water, it is evidently a fish. Of what kind I shall make it a point to ascertain if possible. Our neighbor, who for some time has had a mammoth hook set for this monster, has never had a bite yet; but it is no wonder, since he pays no attention to his hook, and never changes the bait.’

A few months later it was seen again.


Russian River Flag, Number 26, 11 May 1871
The Blue Lake monster.
A private letter received here from Blue Lakes, Lake county, states that that fabulous monster of those waters has been seen again, and so plainly as to establish himself in the minds of those who saw him as a reality. A party of picnicers from Ukiah stopped on the shore of the lake, and the brass band [began] to play, when the fish, or whatever he is, came to the top of the water near shore and was plainly seen by all present. A member of the Ukiah brass band who was in Healdsburg on last Monday, confirms the report.

The Indians have always asserted the existence of this large fish, and they regard it with superstitious awe, believing it to be something supernatural; while the most of white men, excepting the few who claim to have seen it, have thought it too big a fish to swallow; but it has been actually seen too often, lately, by respectable, truthful persons, for the existence of the extraordinary creature to be longer doubted.’

The next recorded sighting occurred in 1872 .

“This monster, or Devil Fish, was seen by the Indians in March, 1872; hence large gatherings of all the tribes congregating in Big Valley, on the shore of Clear Lake, to indulge in a grand pow-wow and making peace offerings to the Great Spirit, to appease his anger and avert evils hanging over their wigwams.”

Whether calamity followed this appearance there is no record. I can find no reports of modern day sightings. Explanations put forward are a giant cat fish or large eel.Both plausible but unless it reappears we shall never know.


PS please excuse the rather derogatory language in the reports. It is the language of the time.

Friday 16 October 2020

Exciting news from Loch Ness

 Analysis of Ronald Mackenzie's sonar contact.

From Steve Felthams's Facebook page :

Ronald has recently told me that Raymarine (the manufacturers of the sonar equipment used), have informed him that his contact has been studied and that a full report will be sent to him any day.
They were able to tell him that they had identified the contact as being one solid object as apposed to two or more fish together.
Not a shoal, on distinct object.
And that single contact is between 15 and 20 feet long.
Theres your Nessie!
We have no known animals of that size in here.
We are now waiting for their full report.
Exiting times!
A game changer.
Potentially the best indisputable evidence for large unidentified animals swimming about in Loch Ness.

Can't wait to see the full report .Fingers crossed it shows what Steve is hoping for .

Wednesday 7 October 2020

Lake Pocomoonshine Monster aka Poco


Lake Pocomoonshine Monster

 Pocamoonshine Lake is one of the premier smallmouth bass waters located in the famous Princeton-Grand Lake Stream area of Washington County.Its depth is approximately 40 feet (13 metres). Pocomoonshine Lake is in the north eastern Maine town of Princeton.It has a monster or giant snake nicknamed Poco.Native american legend say that the monster has been around for centuries. The monster is described as being a 30-60 foot (9-18 meters) long snake-like creature.

The creature was first documented by Europeans in 1882. The Native American name for the lake is Nesiek, which translates to “muddy from the great fight.” An Algonquin shaman had an altercation  with a Micmac chieftain and they tried to settle the matter on the lake. The shaman ,so the story goes,became a giant snail and the Micmac changed into a 40-foot long serpent. The snail won. Since then there have been sightings claimed  of a creature from the Lake that pulled itself out of the water and went over land to neighbouring Crawford Lake. Sightings have only been in water, but the curved trails of the lake monster have been seen on land.

In 1882 Sewell Quimby, who ran a nearby sawmill, confirmed seeing the trail, measuring between three and four feet wide and nearly three foot deep. It was just like a snake track, only much bigger.

 In Maine, there is only one species of water snake, the Northern water snake. At around 4-feet- long, it doesn’t fit the size of the Pocomoonshine Lake Monster. Another suggestion was that  otters swimming in line would appear like a multi humped monster.There is of course the giant eel which can travel over land and is a popular choice for lake monster sightings.There are no recent sightings unless someone knows differently                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


Lake Teedyuskung Monster



Teedy the Lake Monster

Lake Teedyuskung is a natural lake located in Pike County, Pennsylvania. There is a family resort called Woodloch Pines and a lake monster called  ‘Teedy’.

The lake has about three miles of shoreline and has a depth of 30 feet ( 10 metres). The lake  is fed by multiple springs. It has  a brown tint to the water caused by tannic acid- a natural substance given off by the  trees surrounding the lake.

Teedy is said to 10 to 15 feet long( 3 to 5 metres) and has blue grey scales.It lives in the bottom of the lake There is some speculation as to when reports of sightings started. Some say 1958 others say 1967.

I have searched local newspaper archives online but have found no reports.In fact I could find little information except that written above. The scales would suggest it is a fish or a water dwelling snake.I am hoping someone reading this may have some more information and will comment.

Sunday 4 October 2020

Is this proof of Nessie ?

 A sonar contact in Loch Ness may be proof of Nessie's existence. See article below. :

Scottish Mail on Sunday, 4 October 2020,

It was taken by a man who has worked on the Loch for years and who would recognise local fauna .Hopefully when it is examined by experts they will agree.

Thursday 1 October 2020

Is this bigfoot?

 A recent comment below leads to an interesting photo. So what do you think is it a bigfoot? 

lefthandedrichard said...

Looked for a contact email but couldn't find one. Have you seen this photo from Northern California. Whether it's a Bigfoot or not, it certainly isn't human.