Wednesday 21 October 2020

Heavenly Lake Monster Sighted Again

 Heavenly Lake Creature 

A worker at a national park has filmed what he believed to be the famous lake monster in north-eastern China. 

Eerie footage captured by the man shows a black round object floating on the surface of the Tian Chi, or 'Heaven Lake', at the Changbai Mountain in Jilin Province.

The alpine lake is renowned for having a mysterious beast - the Chinese equivalent to the Loch Ness Monster - said to be first sighted nearly six decades ago. 

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Heavenly Lake is in a remote region of the Jilin Province of China on the border of the Ryanggang Province of North Korea. The lake is also known as Lake Tianchi ,Chonji Lake in Korean (Heavenly Lake in English). It lies in a crater at the top of Baekdu Mountain. It is the highest crater lake in the world, at 7,180 feet( 2360 metres) and with a depth in places of over 1,200 feet( 400 metres). A large unknown creature has been reported seen in the lake for many years. It has been described as a large greyish black animal, about 30 feet(10 metres) in length with a horse like head..

The first sighting appears to be in 1903 when one reportedly attacked three people. It was described as a huge buffalo-like creature that roared retreated underwater when they shot at it In August 1962, there were over reported sightings of two creatures chasing one another through the water.

in 1994 a Chinese State Media report quoted a sightseer by the name of Meng Fanying who stated that he watched the creature leap from the water, in a seal like fashion, 30 feet off shore.

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Some sightings report the creature as having fins like a whale or being seal like.The question is how did it get there?

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