Friday 16 October 2020

Exciting news from Loch Ness

 Analysis of Ronald Mackenzie's sonar contact.

From Steve Felthams's Facebook page :

Ronald has recently told me that Raymarine (the manufacturers of the sonar equipment used), have informed him that his contact has been studied and that a full report will be sent to him any day.
They were able to tell him that they had identified the contact as being one solid object as apposed to two or more fish together.
Not a shoal, on distinct object.
And that single contact is between 15 and 20 feet long.
Theres your Nessie!
We have no known animals of that size in here.
We are now waiting for their full report.
Exiting times!
A game changer.
Potentially the best indisputable evidence for large unidentified animals swimming about in Loch Ness.

Can't wait to see the full report .Fingers crossed it shows what Steve is hoping for .

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