Wednesday 7 October 2020

Lake Teedyuskung Monster



Teedy the Lake Monster

Lake Teedyuskung is a natural lake located in Pike County, Pennsylvania. There is a family resort called Woodloch Pines and a lake monster called  ‘Teedy’.

The lake has about three miles of shoreline and has a depth of 30 feet ( 10 metres). The lake  is fed by multiple springs. It has  a brown tint to the water caused by tannic acid- a natural substance given off by the  trees surrounding the lake.

Teedy is said to 10 to 15 feet long( 3 to 5 metres) and has blue grey scales.It lives in the bottom of the lake There is some speculation as to when reports of sightings started. Some say 1958 others say 1967.

I have searched local newspaper archives online but have found no reports.In fact I could find little information except that written above. The scales would suggest it is a fish or a water dwelling snake.I am hoping someone reading this may have some more information and will comment.

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