Thursday 27 December 2018

Eye witness reports of Orkney sea monsters

For some eye witness reports on sea monsters have a read of this :

Sunday 23 December 2018

Loch Quoich creature

Loch Quoich(Gaelic Loch Cuaich) is about 24 miles northwest of Fort William in Scotland. With Loch Garry it forms part of the Glen Garry hydroelectric project from the 1950s which was completed in 1962.The dam built on Loch Quoich is the largest rock fill dam in Scotland at 960 feet( 310 metres) long and 114 feet ( 35 metres) high. The dam flooded some of the old settlements in the area, including Glen Quoich Lodge. A single-track road goes along the loch shore to Kinloch. The fishing there is by boat only and it is mainly for brown trout and Char.
The loch is said to be home for a water monster described as a large serpent like creature with a horse like head. It is typical description for a Kelpie or water horse.
The Duke of Portland related that after becoming tenant of the salmon angling in Loch Quoich was told by the forester, hotel keeper and fishing ghillies of a beast . I think this was in the late 1800s, but have been unable to find and exact date.
In Peter Costello,s book “In Search of Lake Monsters” (1975 ed Granada Publishing ltd page 153) , is the following story. I have paraphrased it.
A certain lord, not named, ( n.b.I wonder if this was also the Duke of Portland?) used to fish in Loch Quoich and one day whilst fishing there, he saw a monster lying on the shore close to the water. He swore the two ghillies with him to secrecy in case people thought they were drunk. A fishing party is said to have seen the monster swimming under the water the same time period (no date given).
In the Northern Chronicle newspaper in 1933 there were reported some stories about the Loch Quoich creature but there were not substantiated , so could have simply been rumours after the reports in 1933 of the Loch Ness creature.
The Loch is quite isolated and it could be that any reports of anything seen in the loch were hushed up by the local dignitaries. It could just be the usual folktales of the Kelpie. There doesn’t seem to be any historical record of tales about a kelpie though. If anyone knows any more about this isolated Loch please post.

Nessie seen more often in 2018

 Nessie: Record year for sightings of Loch Ness Monster

More people than ever before are reporting sightings of the Loch Ness Monster, official figures show.
Statistics released on Tuesday revealed the legendary monster was spotted by 13 people in 2018, up from 11 in 2017.There have been a total of 1106 sightings of the mythical monster since it was first spotted by St Columba over 1000 years ago.
read list of sightings and see photos here:

Note that the number of sightings- 1106, is reported officially sightings. Often people don't report what they see for fear of ridicule.

Tuesday 18 December 2018

Latest Nessie Photo


Loch Ness Monster spotter snaps pic of creature with ‘4ft neck and bird-like head the size of a rugby ball

Ricky Phillips, 39, says he noticed the strange sight last Thursday and took the pic on his phone
Ricky Phillips, who works as a guide, says he was waiting for his group of tourists to finish their cruise when he noticed the strange sight last Thursday.
The 39-year-old says he was sitting at the River Oich as it flows into Loch Ness at Fort Augustus eating some chips when he heard a weird noise.
Mr Phillips, who writes history books, said: "It was a grey creature - almost bird like - in a grey stretch of water.
"It's neck was three to four feet long, a head the size of a rugby ball and a ridge across its eyes. I was baffled.
It looks like a bird ,what do you think?