Sunday 28 May 2023

Lake Travis Monsters and UFOs.


Lake Travis Strangeness

Lake Travis is a large body of water  in Texas ,63.75 miles long, and  is 210 foot (70 metres)  at its deepest point.It was built as  a reservoir to deal with the Colorado River flooding the area which was then mostly argricultural.The Pedernales River, a major tributary of the Colorado River, flows into the lake. Fish in the lake include largemouth bass, guadalupe bass, white bass, striped bass and catfish .

 September 5, 2020, a boat parade took place . The Travis County Sheriff's office reported that they had received multiple calls involving boats in distress, and that several boats had sank.Was  it the wake of all the boats that caused it or something else?

Lake Travis is said to have a mysterious lake monster called  Ole Hippie.The name comes from many supposed sightings near Lake Travis’s Hippie Hollow area. Many reported sightings in the early 2000s mention something big below the water’s surface. There have been old legends about monsters in the area in the rivers.

  On Saturday, April 4 2009, Steve Jones,  reported seeing a strange creature while fishing on the   lake.He said it was about 8am and he was in his boat when a large shadow passed under the boat.He related that  it must have been 50 feet long (approx 16 metres) and  estimated it was about 20 feet ( 7 metres) below him but the water was murky so difficult to get a clear view. .It took off at speed.

Perhaps it was a large snake or a catfish. Very large Blue Catfish have been caught in the area.

However the strangeness doesn’t stop there .

In 2007  a biology professor and a student were at the lake at night. The professor wanted to test out the flash on his camera so took a photo. That photo when developed showed a human like figure in the back ground.Theories abound from a bigfoot type creature, to a mer-being from the lake to a camper caught unawares with his trousers down.It remains an unsolved mystery.

UFO sightings have also been reported around the lake so could it have been extra terrestrial? In 2018, a camper claimed to have filmed  a rod-shaped UFO when visiting the lake. In 2021 NFL player Baker Mayfield and his wife Emily claimed to have seen something unusual fly over the lake.

I have often said on this blog how some places seem to invite strangeness and maybe Lake Travis is another of those places.

Loch Long Monster


Long Long Mystery

Loch Long is a body of water in Argyll and Bute, Scotland. The Sea Loch  measures 20 miles (30 kilometres) in length and is 2 miles (3 kilometres ) wide at its widest. The loch is joined to  Loch Goil, on its western side.

In September 2022 A “monster”  was photographed in the Loch.

Strange creature spotted in Loch Long could be 'Nessie on holiday'

Jamie Houghton was bird-watching when he spotted the odd creature breaking the surface of the loch.A strange creature spotted at one of Scotland's most popular lochs has led to people asking if Nessie has decided to take a wee holiday. Jamie Houghton, 50, was bird-watching at Loch Long when he spotted something odd in the water.

The insurance broker from Derbyshire was shocked when he noticed a commotion on the surface on the loch, quickly grabbing his phone he was able to capture a few pics of the creature which appears to have dark mottled skin which is covered in seaweed.

Jamie explained he was visiting the loch in Argyll near the holiday lodges at Ardgartan in June this year when he snapped the intriguing images.

"It was difficult to say what size it was as it was some distance away," he said. "Sort of close to the middle of the Loch, the pictures I took are zoomed in and cropped heavily on just a basic camera.

See photo and read rest here :

 However Long Long has several visitors including grey seals, pilot whales, porpoises, dolphins and  even a humpback whale has been spotted. So the monster could well be the fin or tail of a whale or dolphin.

Until you read Loch Goil was also said  to have a monster.It was called a sea dragon and according to folklore attacked strangers .A knight may have caused its demise but very little information is available. A few lines in an old text written by a traveller.

So a sea creature or a monster? We will see if any more sightings are reported.