Saturday 26 February 2011

clear sighting of Loch Ness creature described from 1965

This is from the booklet Loch Ness Investigation by David James published by the LNIB London and  printed by Curruthers and Sons Inverness. (There is no date but as it predates decimalisation I am presuming later 60s). You can click on it to make it larger.

The one thing I have never been able to reconcile is the neck of the creature. There appears to be no known creature that swims like that . However as one of the eye witnesses describes it as snake like, I wondered if a large eel or snake  could hold it's head out of the water like that.Some have said perhaps it is not the head end at all but a tail or even a flipper that people see sticking out like a telegraph pole.Any thoughts /comments please post. I have seen something in the Loch and as I have said before ,I don't know what I saw except it appeared to be a large hump that sank back into the water. It was a brief sighting but I do know it wasn't a seal as I am familiar with seals, nor a wave as I have seen many odd things on the loch with natural explanations, but this I couldn't explain .Could it have been an optical illusion ? Possibly but unlikely. If it was alot of people have seen moving ones.It is something I would like to see solved before I die but that seems increasingly unlikely as time goes on .Maybe some young cryptozoologists out there will find the answer, I hope so.

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Friday 25 February 2011

Another Bigfoot search

Bigfoot Search Is On In Wilkes County
 Matt McKinney    Created:  2/24/2011
Wilkes County, NC -- There is a plan to find Bigfoot in Wilkes County.
Rick Lunsford of Cricket, North Carolina said he first set eyes on the creature 32 years ago."I seen it's eyes first. Then I seen it's oval shaped head. Then I seen the hair hanging off of him about 4 or 5 inches. I seen his left arm bowed out beside of him. I could see every finger and thumb," said Lunsford. "I never did see it no more and I never did go back looking for it."Lunsford decided now was the time to continue the search. He is organizing a hunt in the same woods that he claims he first saw Bigfoot. He hopes others will help him find his proof."I really don't want to kill it because it had a chance to take me out but it didn't. it didn't bother me."Lunsford's hunt is planned for March 5th. The hunters are meeting in the Miller's Creek Food Lion Parking lot at noon on Highway 16. Lunsford said they will caravan to the search site from there

Nessie vs Bownessie?

Rival English Nessie doesn't bother us
By Helen Bushnell Published:  24 February, 2011
THE world famous Loch Ness Monster has got competition - in England!However, local Nessie spotters and supporters have not got the hump and are confident her lesser known look-alike at Lake Windermere in Cumbria will not steal her thunder.For they say our own legend of the deep is a global icon that no other beast could rival.England's mystery "monster", dubbed "Bownessie" after the nearby Lake District town of Bowness, is making waves after being snapped by two pals out kayaking on a team building exercise.Appearing as a cluster of humps, the creature thought to be up to 50ft long was captured in an atmospheric photo by IT graduate Tom Pickles (24) and Sarah Harrington (23).They had paddled 300m out onto Lake Windermere, England's biggest natural loch at 10.5miles long and 220ft deep, when they spotted what they thought was a dog. However, they were shaken when they realised the strange being gliding across the still water was the size of three cars.The pair, who work for an IT firm in Shrewsbury, believed the creature was moving at 10mph, creating a giant wave. They were so frightened, they quickly scrambled back to shore. They claimed they watched it for 20 seconds, before it vanished into the mist.It is believed to be the eighth sighting in the Lake District in five years.
However, England's answer to the Loch Ness Monster has not concerned Nessie ambassadors, who say Bownessie is not a patch on our loch dweller.Willie Cameron, director of Loch Ness Marketing, told the HN: "I'm delighted there is a monster in Loch Windermere, but it's not going to make any difference to us. The legend of Nessie has been going for 1,500 years so they have got a lot of history to catch up on."The Loch Ness Monster is a global icon and a brand that has been created by default rather than by design, and there could be a monster in every lake in England and it wouldn't make a difference."He added: "Nessie is not just a monster, we have the whole package."Lake Windermere is a lovely lake, but it's very busy. If people want peace and tranquillity, Loch Ness is the place to be."His views were echoed by George Edwards, skipper of the Nessie Hunter boat for the last 25 years.Mr Edwards, the loch's longest serving skipper, said: "Over the years there have been claims of sightings of monsters all over the world - but we have the famous one and that's not going to change."Loch Windermere is lovely but it's not a patch on the Highlands of Scotland."And Gary Campbell, president of the Offical Loch Ness Monster Fan Club, believes the sighting of Bownessie will help secure even more Nessie believers.Mr Campbell (45) of Milton of Leys - who set up the fan club after spotting a humped creature lurking in Loch Ness 15-years-ago - said: "There is a history of sightings of the Bownessie, but they're very sporadic. I've seen the latest picture, but it's not immediately obvious what it is."There is every possibility it is a monster, as there have been sightings of different creatures worldwide."He added: "It will make people stop and think that maybe these sightings are not hoaxes and maybe there could be a Loch Ness Monster."

Thursday 24 February 2011

new dinosaur species find and bigfoot hairs collected

New dinosaur species called Thunder-thighs discovered in Utah
by Mike Swain, Daily Mirror 23/02/2011
A NEW dinosaur has been discovered by British and US scientists – who have dubbed it Thunder-thighs after its huge legs.Brontomerus mcintoshi may have used them to kick love rivals or ­predators in Utah, 110 million years ago. Dr Mike Taylor, of University College London, said: “It’s an exciting find.”
Read more:

Bigfoot Report: Strange Hairs Collected
Submitted by Javier Ortega on February 22, 2011
Crescent City, CA. A resident of this remote part of California claims that a Bigfoot trampled over his fence, ripped open a peacock pen and took some of his birds. Why a Bigfoot you say? Kirk Stewart found several long hairs clinging on to the fence, where the supposed creature trampled it down. Oh, and not to mention the way the pen was opened up:
I was thinking it was a bear, up until I had seen how it opened the pen,” said Stewart.As he assessed the damage, Stewart said he happened upon a clump of about 16 hairs attached to one of the barbs on his fence. They were about 7 inches long with a fine texture and a slight curl.“The hairs are the smoking gun,” he said.
The hair samples were given to North America Bigfoot Search, or NABS. Upon visual inspection, the article states that NABS found the hairs to be of a primate. Further testing will be done in order to corroborate this.Excited? I’ll be posting the results as soon as I find any updates on this.

Wednesday 23 February 2011

Panther filmed in Louisiana?

Panther sightings have residents freaked, experts skeptical
Published: Tuesday, February 22, 2011, Benjamin Alexander-Bloch, The Times-Picayune By
Follow In the New Orleans area, panther hysteria is at fever pitch.resident Randy Davis was sitting at home in his equipment room late Saturday night when on his surveillance monitor he noticed a large cat walk across his asphalt driveway. On closer inspection, Davis thinks the image is that of a black panther.With residents reporting near daily sightings, you'd think we were under attack.Truth is, the myth of the black panther in Louisiana - and throughout the United States - has a long phantom existence, according to physiologists and biologists.Maria Davidson, the large carnivore program manager for the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, calmly explained that the only black panthers in existence are black jaguars found in South America and black leopards that live in Asia and Africa.The North American black panther generally falls under the term "cryptid," a creature whose existence has been suggested but is not recognized by the scientific community and has been deemed highly unlikely. Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster fall under that category.They also have been called "phantom cats," "alien big cats" (ABCs), and in certain circles, the sightings have been dubbed "panther paranoia."
 Last weekend, two panther sightings were reported, one in St. Tammany Parish and one in Plaquemines Parish. A few days earlier, a man in St. Bernard Parish said he and his wife saw one sitting a block from their garage, staring at them calmly, before darting into nearby woods
Read rest(long article) and see pics here:

Swamp Screamer: At Large with the Florida Panther

Saturday 19 February 2011

Thoughts on Bow Nessie

 My first thoughts on the photos of Bow Nessie were that I have never seen an animal look like that in the water. It could have course have some sort of frill on it's back that gives it that sharp hump appearance .It reminded me of a crocodile, I don't know why. I did however think this was inconsistent in the eye witness testimony:

Then they spotted a mysterious creature the size of three cars gliding across the lake.
“It was petrifying, we paddled back to the shore straight away,” said Mr Pickles.
“At first I thought it was a dog and then saw it was much bigger and moving really quickly at about 10mph.
source:Wwestmorland Gazette

Why would you think a creature the size of 3 cars was a dog? I know you can get large dogs but you would not presume a creature that size was a dog.Plus how many dogs have humps? Now it may have been the way it was reported and it was not meant to sound  like that at all.The problem is we have seen so many photos of lake creatures debunked in the past that I think we all become sceptical.
However it is not the first report of   a monster in Cumbrian lakes :

Lets see what developes.

Friday 18 February 2011

search for giant anaconda and Bow Nessie monster photographed

On the Trail of a 40-Foot Anaconda
The fifth hidden wonder of South America.
By Joshua FoerPosted Thursday, Feb. 17, 2011,
PACAYA SAMIRIA, Peru—Of all the crazy mythical creatures that starry-eyed monster hunters have gone in search of—the Yeti, Sasquatch, Nessie, the chupacabra—South America's giant anaconda would seem to be the least implausible. None of the Amazon's early explorers dared emerge from the forest without a harrowing tale of a face-to-face encounter with a humongous snake. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, it was practically a requirement of the jungle adventure genre. English explorer Percy Fawcett (of Lost City of Z fame) reportedly shot a 62-foot anaconda in 1907 while on a surveying mission in western Brazil. Cândido Rondon, who led Teddy Roosevelt's famous journey down the River of Doubt, claimed to have measured a 38-footer "in the flesh." In 1933, a 100-foot serpent was said to have been machine-gunned by officials from the Brazil-Colombia Boundary Commission. According to witnesses, four men together couldn't lift its head. The photos, of course, were lost.Had they been captured alive, any of these giants would have merited the $50,000 bounty that the New York Zoological Society (later the Wildlife Conservation Society) offered for much of the 20th century to anyone who could bring a 30-foot snake back to the Bronx Zoo. Though thousands of anacondas have been caught, measured, and released by scientists over the years, few have ever surpassed 18 feet. Still, stories of Amazonian megasnakes continue to surface every few years, and they continue to inspire credulous souls to set off into the jungle. People like Dylan and me.

Mystery photo of 'English Loch Ness Monster' taken in Bowness
A MYSTERIOUS 'monster' - dubbed Bow-nessie - appears to have been caught on camera for the first time. A shape claimed to be a giant beast — said to be up to 50ft long — was spotted emerging from the depths of Lake Windermere near Bowness in Cumbria, last week. In the grainy picture, which is eerily reminiscent of classic snaps of the famous Loch Ness Monster, an animal's humped back seems to be visible. Enormous rippples can be seen in its wake as the dark shape passes in front of foliage growing from the misty lake. But can it really be the beast of legend? Kayakers Tom Pickles, 24, and Sarah Harrington, 23, who took the picture, told today how they were left "petrified" and quickly paddled to the safety of the shore after encountering the monster. IT graduate Tom said: "At a distance I thought it was some sort of large dog then I realised just how long it was. There was no way a dog would be out that far in any case. "Each hump moved in a rippling movement and it appeared to have a huge shadow around it suggesting it was much bigger underwater. "Its skin was like a seal's but its shape was completely abnormal. We watched for about twenty seconds before it plunged out of sight."