Saturday 26 February 2011

clear sighting of Loch Ness creature described from 1965

This is from the booklet Loch Ness Investigation by David James published by the LNIB London and  printed by Curruthers and Sons Inverness. (There is no date but as it predates decimalisation I am presuming later 60s). You can click on it to make it larger.

The one thing I have never been able to reconcile is the neck of the creature. There appears to be no known creature that swims like that . However as one of the eye witnesses describes it as snake like, I wondered if a large eel or snake  could hold it's head out of the water like that.Some have said perhaps it is not the head end at all but a tail or even a flipper that people see sticking out like a telegraph pole.Any thoughts /comments please post. I have seen something in the Loch and as I have said before ,I don't know what I saw except it appeared to be a large hump that sank back into the water. It was a brief sighting but I do know it wasn't a seal as I am familiar with seals, nor a wave as I have seen many odd things on the loch with natural explanations, but this I couldn't explain .Could it have been an optical illusion ? Possibly but unlikely. If it was alot of people have seen moving ones.It is something I would like to see solved before I die but that seems increasingly unlikely as time goes on .Maybe some young cryptozoologists out there will find the answer, I hope so.

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