Tuesday 1 March 2011

extraordinary claims about giants

The Enigma of the Giants by JD Adams Salem-News.com
The Russians have their Almastis, in the Himalayas it is the 'Yeti', within China it is known as the 'Chaing Mi', there is the 'Mie Tie' of Malaysia, and the 'Kiboornee' of New Guinea...

It is from the mysterious wilds of Australia that the most compelling finds have originated. Cryptozoologist Rex Gilroy has recovered from areas near Bathurst, New South Wales, several mega-tools of such weight and size that only giant hominids could have wielded them. The artifacts include knives, chisels, hand-axes, and clubs. A giant molar of dimensions 67mm x 50mm x 42mm excavated from a depth of 6 ft. indicated an individual approaching 25 ft. in stature, according to Gilroy. Prospectors working independently in the Bathurst district years ago also found several huge footprints preserved in red jasper.
Several foot imprints of amazing size have been discovered in the Blue Mountains of Australia. One remarkable specimen was found by Mr. P. Holman, which measured 7 inches in width, with an estimated length of 2 ft. The largest fossilized footprint ever found in Australia suggests a stature in excess of 20 ft. Generally, the foot imprints in the New South Wales area are 2 ft. long, and are spaced with a stride of 6 ft., indicating a height of around 12 ft.
Some are preserved in volcanic flows that are millions of years old, clashing with the conventional wisdom that the Aborigines are the first inhabitants of Australia, arriving there about 40,00 years ago. An explanation for this conundrum is that during past Ice Ages the sea level dropped enough to connect North Australia with Asia over a land bridge where the islands of Southeast Asia exist today. During this period it's possible that Gigantopithecus migrated to the Australian continent.

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