Wednesday, 23 March 2011

chupacabra is back

Chupacabra Sighting in Brazos County
Greg Bludau was out on a simple hog hunt in East Brazos County when he ran into something strange.
Posted: 10:46 PM Mar 22, 2011
Reporter: Shane McAuliffe
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"Most of my friends say, leave it up to Greg to kill a Chupacabra," said Greg Bludau. Bludau was out on a simple hog hunt in East Brazos County when he ran into something strange."My initial reaction was, am I really witnessing what I'm witnessing," Bludau asked himself.Greg came across this animal eating on a hog carcass, when he decided to take action."I just made the decision that it would be an ethical and moral thing to do to put the animal out of its misery," said Bludau.But the fact he might have bagged a legend made for big news."I was kind of excited, I told a few friends. It was a big story on Facebook as well," joked the Sam Houston State student.We wanted to make sure the animal Greg shot wasn't the mythical Chupacabra so we took the pictures to the Texas AgriLife Extension Service and the USDA. They're's a coyote.It didn't take long for Doug Steen with the USDA Wildlife Services to figure out what the supposed Chupacabra was. A simple coyote with a bad case of sarcoptic mange or scabies."You see flare-up's on occasion. Usually localized because it is a contagious ailment," said Steen.The news wasn't a surprise to Greg."I don't think the Chupacabra is a real creature. I think it's just a coyote with mange. A terrible disease to have," said Bludau."These animals are suffering, it can lead to and cause starvation," said Steen.But that still begs the question, could the Chupacabra still be out there?"I've never seen any cryptozoological creatures that I could not explain," joked Steen.

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Cryptoflorida said...

As I tried to explain to the CFZ before they flooded the Internet with their Texas Blue Dog nonsense, this is more and more a common occurrence here in North and Central America. Putting this animal out of its misery was the right thing to do before it spread it's disease to other mammals it may in contact with. Being an avid hunter and hunting guide I have come across these poor creatures and done the same on many occasions.