Friday 30 September 2011

Are we evolving into Bigfoot? and the Chupacabra in Russia

The evolution of Bigfoot 
Published 11:27am Friday, September 30, 201
The legend of Bigfoot has existed for generations. The hairy, smelly creature has been sighted mainly in the Northwestern United States and Canada, but his territory must be expanding because a documentary filmmaking crew from a national cable television channel recently expressed interest in coming to my remote corner of the universe to attempt to find Sasquatch. It seems someone in a nearby town discovered footprints showing evidence of a bipedal with elongated walkers ambling through the mud. Bigfoot (or Sasquatch if you live north of the border) was so named for his large undertaking. Reported footprints measure from 14 to 24 inches. In human terms that s a heck of a big Nike.
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Chupacabra on rampage in Russia
published: 30 September, 2011, 23:17
A string of livestock mass-killings by an unidentified creature has struck fear into Russian farmers. A number of towns from Chelyabinsk in central Russian to the Moscow region have suffered, with the death toll from the latest attack reaching 30.­Farmer Vasily Velikodnev found the butchered sheep in their fold on a September morning in Kolomna region, some 100 km south of Moscow.
He was immediately struck by the manner of the killings – ripping the sheep’s back tendons to cut their arteries and suck out their blood – a trademark of the legendary Chupacabra, a blood-sucking carnivore rumored to inhabit Central and North America.
Only three of the savaged sheep had succumbed to their wounds. Most of the rest Velikodnev had to relieve of their suffering with his own hands after calling the authorities.
The latter provided him with a list of the usual suspects: from stray dogs, lynxes (who do not inhabit the area) and foxes to migrant workers from Central Asia. Speaking with RT, the head of local administration, Svetlana Telnova, dismissed some of the wilder speculation, saying stray dogs were the most likely culprits.

Bigfoot print found?

Bigfoot does exist...or does he?
Posted: Sep 29, 2011 3:29 PM By: Veronica Macias

BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WECT) – Two women with a career in nursing hope to prove to the world that big foot does exist.Linda Durden and Jannette Skinner share a fascination with the legendary creature, so when there were reports aired of bigfoot being spotted in the Uwharrie Forest, the pair set out to witness it with their own eyes.Durden and Skinner traveled across rough terrain, hauling raw deer meat, trail-mix and anything they could think of to lure the hairy creature.  The women were inspired by a report that showed a North Carolina man using candy bars as bait, because he said bigfoot has a sweet tooth.Although the two nurses didn't see bigfoot himself, they did find a footprint they know the Bigfoot Research Organization would consider as evidence.  They said the trails in the forest were eerily quiet with no signs of wildlife. Durden and Skinner plan to return to the Uwharrie Forest in April to try again.
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Thursday 29 September 2011

here be Lake Monsters

From my first book in the trilogy :

After a while, and just as Emily thought she would have to stand up and risk being
seen, as her legs were aching from crouching, the loch started to get wild. The waves nearly knocked the man off his feet but the two holding onto the ropes kept him steady.
 “That explains the ropes” said Daniel to himself. He was a bit worried it might turn into a sex thing and he would have to cover Emily’s eyes. It looked like it was some sort of ritual to the Loch or maybe the water Kelpie. Some local people still upheld Celtic traditions he knew.
The loch seemed to be boiling and then a dark shape appeared. Emily had to stuff her knuckles in her mouth to stop herself from screaming as the wind whipped past them, but there was no mistaking what was coming. Daniel grabbed the two students and tried to pull them further back into the undergrowth. The wind was now so strong they struggled to move back. The thing came nearer the shore and Daniel caught sight of a huge head and a slug like body, massive, it must be over 40 feet long. He felt Andy gasp and Emily buried her face in his jacket and began to shake and sob. The man on the shore changed his incantation and the beast, the monster, turned its head from side to side as if listening or was it looking for something to eat? Daniel hoped they were hidden from those horrible cold yellow eyes, but luckily they were fixed on the three men on the shore. It seemed like time stood still to the three crouched in fear as the man continued to chant. The beast at last opened its mouth and screeched a sound that set Daniel’s teeth on edge. It was a sound like a hundred nails being drawn down a hundred blackboards. The beast then turned sending a huge spray on to the shore that even reached their hiding place and the smell from its foetid mouth still hung in the air making them gag.

here be monsters

As its been a bit slow news lately thought I would do some slef advertising and put up some extracts from my crypto-fiction books.
first  the new one:

Paul rubbed his eyes. It can’t be! He looked again.The large black cat, the size of an Alsatian dog, continued to stalk its prey. It registered Paul’s existence but had its eyes on a rabbit. Paul grabbed his phone and did his best to stop shaking and try to take a photo. The noise of the camera caused the cat to turn and snarl. Only then did Paul realise his predicament. He was in a field, a long way from help if he yelled, with no weapon, facing what looked like a black tiger. Should he run? No, it would chase him. Maybe he should just stand very still, like on the Jurassic Park movie and it might not see him. He prayed that would work. The cat turned back to look for its prey which had run off. It stalked through the hedge to the next field to follow it and was gone. Paul stood perfectly still for what seemed like an hour but turned out (when he later looked at his watch) to be less than five minutes. He realised he was holding his breath and breathed out a sigh of relief. Shakily he headed as fast as he could for the road, his backpack seemed to be pulling him back as he tried to go faster. He started running and after several minutes saw a row of houses ahead of him, and a pub. Gasping with the effort, he fell through the door of the pub that was standing open as a delivery had just taken place. The startled man behind the bar came towards him and then, taking one look at Paul’s white face said,” Here, here, son, what’s all this now, someone chasing you?”
Paul collapsed into a chair gasping and trying to talk. “ Get your breath lad, get your breath, Don’t try to talk, you are safe here” said the man looking concerned .
A woman came around the bar “Should I ring the police Jim, is the lad ok?”
“Wait until he tells us what happened, and get him a brandy”
 The woman stuck a glass under an optic and then came round the bar and handed it to Paul
”Drink up, lad” said Jim.
Paul took the glass, his hand shaking, and drank gratefully and then spluttered as it caught in his throat.  He blurted out “I saw a monster cat, a huge black thing.” He told them about what had happened and showed them the blurry photo on his phone.
“I’ll go ring the police Trace, that sergeant that looks into this stuff, he’s been in here for a pint before”
Tracey nodded and patted Paul on the back. “You are not the first to see it lad and probably won’t be the last. Calm yourself down. Jim will get the police to have a look. Just sit there and get your breath, you will be okay.”
 Tracey went back behind the bar and continued cleaning glasses. “Poor lad” she said to herself “what a shock for him, there’s been more and more reports lately.  It’s time the police did something before it attacks someone.” Tracey did not doubt there was a big cat in the area, there were too many people she trusted who had seen something or found traces of its passing.

Laura was watching the local evening news. Another big cat sighting in County Durham said the woman. Laura sat up, “That is near here, just up the road almost.” She said to herself.  “Better keep the cats in at night, just in case.” She had heard enough about the sightings to think it might be an escaped animal that some how weathered the winter and was roaming about.

Tuesday 27 September 2011

one monster missing and one de-bunked

Cantabrians asked for sightings of Loch Ness Monster
Published: 6:06PM Monday September 26, 2011 Source: ONE News
The maker of a replica Loch Ness Monster, created to bring a smile to Cantabrians' faces, is appealing for sightings of the beastie after it was stolen.The model was taken from the Kaiapoi River after surprising motorists by appearing on the side of a road near Belfast, north of Christchurch."I've been driving past this particular puddle for two years and I figured, 'well it needs a Loch Ness Monster," special effects expert Dean Johnstone said.

A baby sea-serpent no more: reinterpreting Hagelund’s juvenile Cadborosaurus
By Darren Naish | September 26, 2011
Our efforts to get analyses of cryptozoological data into the technical, peer-reviewed literature continue, with the ‘our’ being myself, Michael Woodley and Cameron McCormick (aka Lord Geekington). I’m referring here to our new paper, titled ‘A baby sea-serpent no more: reinterpreting Hagelund’s juvenile “cadborosaur” report’, published within recent weeks in Journal of Scientific Exploration (Woodley et al. 2011).What’s the point of this paper? We show, via an analysis of morphological character states, that the ‘baby Cadborosaurus’ encountered by Captain William Hagelund in 1968 was most likely…. a pipefish, not a baby sea serpent. Cadborosaurus, if you’re not familiar with it, is a long-bodied, horse-headed sea monster thought by some to exist in the waters of the north-east Pacific.
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Saturday 24 September 2011

another rare creature re-discovered

Rare snail found after 110 years in Fife
The snail can be recognised by its club shaped shell which spirals around 11 times .An isolated population of rare land snail last recorded in Fife 110 years ago has been rediscovered.The plaited door snail (Cochlodina laminata) sighting was received by Fife Nature Records Centre, following a report from a member of the public. The snail, which has a distinctive corkscrew shell, was last recorded in West Fife near Oakley in 1901.The new discovery near Blairhall is thought to be the only known population in Fife.The plaited door snail is found in woodlands and grazes on algae and lichen.Fife Coast and Countryside Trust is urging nature spotters keen to see the snail for themselves to check tree trunks, although at only 15 to 18mm long and with a dark red-brown shell, it is well camouflaged.

The question this poses then is what else is yet to be rediscovered? If they can find something this small why can’t they find big foot? Lol  (Sorry couldn’t resist)