Sunday 4 September 2011

some cryptid videos in the news

Loch Ness Monster Sightings; Ogopogo Sightings Video and Sasquatch Sightings
by Staff
You've heard of Sasquatch (recent sightings in Minnesota?) and the Loch Ness monster right? well, Ogopogo is British Columbia's version of the Scottish lake monster.
First: In Great Britain, RAF search for monster balloon-like object. There have been sightings of a light aircraft and a balloon-like object descending over Loch Ness. Read more about it and see the photos here.
Second: According to the natives of Okanagan, British Columbia, they began speaking of a lake serpent N’ha-a-itk hundreds of years ago. Read more about it and see the videos here.
Third: A Washington County farmer filmed about five seconds of video on July 6 of what many claim to be a Sasquatch in a woods north of Stillwater, Minnesota. Read more about it and see the video here.

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