Friday 25 August 2023

New Search For Nessie


Hundreds of participants expected to join the Loch Ness monster hunt with thermal imaging drones and underwater gadgets

Hundreds of volunteers are set to descend on Loch Ness, Scotland, for the search of a lifetime.

The volunteers will spend a weekend trying to confirm the existence of the Loch Ness monster.

After high interest in the search, the Loch Ness Centre invited others to livestream the action.

For the first time in over 50 years, hundreds of people will descend onto Loch Ness, Scotland, with modern-day gadgets, in hopes of locating a mythic creature known to locals as "Nessie."

This weekend, volunteers and researchers will meet up in Inverness, Scotland, at the site of the Loch Ness freshwater lake, trying to find "Nessie," the Loch Ness monster.

The Loch Ness Centre, a group of researchers and enthusiasts organizing the trip, claims participants will help to "scientifically investigate Loch Ness and its famous monster mythology." The organizers invited participants to join the "hunt for truth," where they will attempt to locate the mythical beast.

According to CNN, at least a hundred participants are joining from as far as New Zealand, and Japan. Part of the purpose of the trip is to get to the bottom of the folklore surrounding the mythic creature, but there is yet to be any physical proof of the animal.

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Monday 21 August 2023

Classic Text Free to Read Online.


A Guide to


George M. Eberhart

You can read it at the link below. I am not sure if it is permanent so best get in early,also it may not read well on all formats.

Hessie Norway's Giant Sea Worm


Hessafjorden Lake in Norway has a lake monster, nick named  Hessie.

It is said to be a huge sea worm or snake. It is claimed to be 80–100 feet (24–30 meters) in length and 1.5 ( 5 feet) metres thick.Also sporting a square dorsal fin .a massive snake like head with  brown coloured skin.

In June 1999 a local person saw Hessie eating a whale carcass through his binoculars. He ran home to get a camcorder but unfortunately the distance from shore meant little detail can be seen on the film. Other sightings had been reported in that era,the  1990s,  but most want to remain anonymous.

There is little other detail available but its size would make one think it would be spotted more often. Perhaps someone will get a clearer film in the future.

More on the Kootenay Lake Monster


Kootenay Lake Creature

Kootenay Lake is  located in British Columbia, Canada. It is part of the Kootenay River.

Its  65 miles (104kms) long and approximately 3 miles (5 kms) wide.It varies in depth from 33 feet (approx 10 metres)    to a maximum of 490 feet ( 160 metres) . Large enough to house a few monsters. In  October 1900 a Captain WJ Kane reported seeing a lake monster in the lake. He described it as being large and bulky.  A 12 year old boy also saw something on October 10th 1900, on the shore of Kootenay Lake, George Goudereau saw a 12ft ( 4 metres) creature that looked like an alligator  crawl  out of Crawford Bay and made its way towards a pile of rubbish on the shore. George watched  as it used its  claws and its snout to search through the pile. After a while it went back into the lake leaving a trail of tracks of  webbed feet. The creature  became known as the Canadian Alligator.

The area also has another prehistoric creature ,Big Bertha,a 10-foot Kootenay white sturgeon that weighs over 350 pounds. However sturgeon don’t normally come out of the water to forage.”

Since writing this I have discovered more information. Another  sighting “The monster…is ten feet long, six inches in diameter at the largest part and has a most hideous head.” Dec. 1900, George Graves and son, of Nelson.

In July 1937 Naomi Miller and family saw something :

“We…were barely out of sight of Kaslo…a black head reared followed by at least one hump above the water some eight feet behind… We sat hypnotized until the ‘Ogopogo’ dived….”

Then in 1953 two men from Boswell reported a sighting “The visible part about twenty feet long, showed brownish in the sunlight, and the surface looked rough like a tree trunk with moss growing upon it.”

Naomi Miller stuck to her sighing and when interviewed in 2015 wrote:

“My alternative thought is that the “thing ” that I saw may have had the form of a dinosaur . (We did not have pictures of dinosaurs when I was a child.) The water monster beside our boat turned in front of us toward shore, Had it long enough legs proportionate to its length it might have walked a few steps before diving under!”

The local indigenous people have a legend that in ancient history there was a sea monster Yawunik that ate the local livestock and was chased up the river and back to the lake. It was eventually killed by a giant.

So the lake has a history . As for the large sturgeon:

The story of Big Bertha, a monster of a sturgeon who calls Kootenay Lake home!

How ever most of the sightings do not sound like a fish but something amphibian. The mystery remains.