Monday 18 March 2024

Scottish Bigfoot?


Bigfoot investigator claims he has proof legendary monster is hiding out in SCOTTISH forest
Robert Shankland, 56, has shared snaps of what he claims is a 14-inch footprint left by the giant creature in Dumfries and Galloway
Part-time labourer and gardener Robert Shankland has shared snaps of what he claims is a 14-inch footprint left by the giant creature in Dumfries and Galloway.The 56-year-old has spent two years hunting for evidence of a "bipedal hominid creature" in Galloway Forest Park, which spans 300 square milesAs well as pictures of the "footprint", Robert, from Burnside, Lanarkshire, reckons another image could show the creature staring at him from trees. Scotland already has a Bigfoot legend in the shape of "The Scottish Wildman” - Am Fear Liath Mor, in Gaelic - which haunts the summit of Ben Macdui, the highest peak in the Cairngorms.
Robert's theory is that the Galloway creature could be a relative and may even use a "green corridor" of woods to travel between the south-west of Scotland and the Cairngorms. Robert’s photographs show a large footprint-shaped mark outlined in gravel near to Corson Cone in the Craigdulyart Forest, New Cumnock.Using a four-inch long phone for scale, the “footprint” is at least 14 inches long and seven inches wide.He also highlighted parts on the creature that he believes are pressure points on the ground and show the curve of its heel.
Speaking about his encounter with the beast, Robert said: “I actually didn’t realise it was there until I got home and looked at the pictures.
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I live in this area and there have never been reports of wildmen or bigfoot type creatures according to locals. There have been reports of big cats and a friend of mine found a paw print in the forest (see link below).I would be more inclined to believe in a big cat living in the forest than a bigfoot. It’s a busy tourist area and surely someone would have reported something before this?
What is also interesting is this appeared after my crypto fiction book came out set in this area which has a bigfoot like creature in it. (The Weird Helmet ) They say life imitates art or something.

Sea Wolf, myth or killer whale?


Wasgo or sea wolf

Sea-Wolf, is a creature believed in by the Tlingit and Haida peoples of British Columbia and Alaska .It is said to be  a sea-monster who was once a human being. The Sea-Wolf was said to bring  luck and wealth to anyone who sees it, or hears its  call.

It is described as a  long ,sea-going creature with a horned or crested  head.It has large  eyes and a mouth full of  sharp teeth, like a crocodile  .Some describe fins or flippers with a long powerful tail for swimming.

It is supposed to be represented on a totem pole which was purchased by the Canadian Museum of Civilization. The Field Museum restored the talking stick to the pole, where it now protrudes from the forehead of the lowest of two Wasgo (or Sea Wolf) figures. The myth associated with this pole is that of the Wasgo, who lived in the lake behind Skidegate village and had the ability to transform between the form of a Wolf and a Killer Whale. The pole shows the Wasgo in two states, with and without his Whale attributes.

So is the Wasgo simply a killer whale or something else? Descriptions sound more like a prehistoric beast ,a plesiosaur.Could it simply be a myth or another mysterious beast as yet unidentified?