Sunday 24 April 2022

Ootsa Lake Creature?


An Unknown Creature in Ootsa Lake BC?

Ootsa Lake is part of the Nechako Reservoir system in British Columbia Canada.It is the largest of the original lakes to be part of the reservoir and sometimes it is referred to as the Ootsa Reservoir. In the Pleistocene Era, ice movement  left  grooves and ridges in the landscape forming lakes when the ice melted. Ootsa lake is one of these lakes and is popular for fishing having stocks of large rainbow trout and char. The waters of the lake are said to be cold and deep, some say up to 1000 feet deep(approx 333 metres) .There is a local legend/ story  of a  monster in Ootsa Lake. Several newspapers claim it has been spotted :

Ootsa Lake Monster
By Rebecca Billard - Burns Lake Lakes District News
Published: August 17, 2010 11:00 PM
The last thing Darlene Thompkins expected to see on her holiday was something she referred to as the 'Ootsa Lake monster'.Thompkins who is holidaying in Burns Lake with her family from Edmonton, said she named the mysterious sighting in Ootsa Lake a monster because she didn't know what else to call it.Thompkins and her daughter were wading in the water near the Ootsa Lake spillway last week, while her husband George sat on the shore."A plane flew over and we watched that go by, it looked like the pilot was doing some sort of training exercise, then when we looked back down there was a big wave in the water," she said.Thompkins said the wave struck her as being unusual at the time so she watched the large ripple in the water about eight to 10 metres from where she and her daughter we standing.Thompkins then said she and her daughter saw a head appear out of the water."It looked like a huge snake head ,,, and it was a dark grey colour," she said."I called out to my husband to come and look, but he said to come out of the water and was a little scared. I didn't think about being scared because I was trying to see what it was, I grabbed my video camera and recorded but I was in a hurry and the focus was zoomed in so the footage is blurry," she said.Thompkins then grabbed a camera to take a picture of the creature and snapped a shot."It looks further away in the photo that what it was .... we saw it much closer," she said."We saw it twice, then another one came up beside it and a third one came too," said Thompkins adding that the creatures were very long like a snake."You could see the head while they were swimming along then further back there was another part of it - like a hump .... I can't stop thinking about what we saw and wondering what it was," she added."My uncle said it was probably a sturgeon, but this creature was swimming along with its head out of the water .... right up and out of the water .... and it was really big," she said."I wish I knew what it was, I have heard other people say they have seen something similar ..... these lakes are so big, you would never know what is living in them," she added.

When the lake was flooded lots of trees were covered by water. There is, according to the internet ,some sort of logging operation under way to retrieve the trees for commercial use. So could it just have been a log that surfaced? A dark grey head makes me think seal but I have no idea if seals would be found in those lakes. Perhaps some one else knows and can leave a comment. Again it is noted it is a glacial lake ,similar to many other lakes that have sightings. If they are not unknown creatures then something similar must happen at all these lakes to produce the effect of a  monster in the water. Intriguing isn’t it?

Wednesday 20 April 2022

Honolulu Sea Serpent 1877

 Report of sea serpent Sighting FEBRUARY 11, 1877

. The back page has an article headed: "The Latest Sea-Serpent" "A Story Which Comes From Honolulu" "A Monster Which Attacks a Brig and Is Shot At"

I am not sure how long this link will be around so read it fast!

Sunday 10 April 2022



who are the monsters?

Cryptids are often referred to as monsters, as in The Loch Ness Monster , The Fouke Monster and so on.

I for one would love to see  that Nessie has been found. But then would I? What would happen if Nessie or any other creature were found?

Well it could be kept secret I suppose (conspiracy theorists in the past have claimed that governments know the creatures exist but it has been covered up).

More likely though a media circus would ensue. The poor creature would be placed on display in some special zoo or facility . Any of it's fellows would no  doubt  similarly be hunted ,captured and displayed. It would  make a great deal of money for the owner of the facility.

(My first thought would be 'Has no one seen King Kong?' Large creatures are notoriously difficult to keep contained.)This to me would make us ,the humans, the monsters. To degrade a creature in this manner ,make it a show or a display, takes away its freedom  and its rights.

The answer would be to see it is protected by law and its habitat is kept from development. A camera feed could be set up so people could catch glimpses of it as it went about it's daily life but visitors would be banned.

 A cryptid is a wonder, not a monster and it deserves to be treated with respect. Should any be found I hope it is remembered that it is a living thing not an exhibit .

If someone does manage to clone a mammoth or any other extinct species, it should also be entitled   to the same. A woolly mammoth does not belong in this era of time and should be placed in a habitat as near to its original as possible and allowed to live out it's allotted span in peace.

The so called monsters created by scientists recently such as goats crossed with spider DNA and huge ants , are not monsters either. The monsters are those that made them. They did not ask to be made freaks of nature but no one treated them with the respect they deserved , and said do not to tamper with them.

I truly hope that if such irrefutable evidence be found of a cryptid, that we have the sense to leave it alone and maybe just set up cameras for those who insist on seeing for themselves. Humans will always be the monsters until they treat creatures with respect.

Wednesday 6 April 2022

The Genuine Nessie ?


Loch Ness Monster 'evidence' caught on camera but spotters just miss the beast

Warren Speed and Jamie Huntley were making a documentary about Nessie and were amazed when they spotted the beast, but it disappeared again before they could focus their camera

The Loch Ness Monster was spotted by a film crew making a documentary about the beast - but it disappeared before they could focus their camera.

Warren Speed and Jamie Huntley said they saw Nessie with their own eyes and described it as being around five metres in length with having a whale-like hump.

Read rest here:

An earlier claim of the first sighting of the year on webcam turned out to be two paddle boarders. Is this really a monster sighting this time…I hope so.