Sunday 10 April 2022



who are the monsters?

Cryptids are often referred to as monsters, as in The Loch Ness Monster , The Fouke Monster and so on.

I for one would love to see  that Nessie has been found. But then would I? What would happen if Nessie or any other creature were found?

Well it could be kept secret I suppose (conspiracy theorists in the past have claimed that governments know the creatures exist but it has been covered up).

More likely though a media circus would ensue. The poor creature would be placed on display in some special zoo or facility . Any of it's fellows would no  doubt  similarly be hunted ,captured and displayed. It would  make a great deal of money for the owner of the facility.

(My first thought would be 'Has no one seen King Kong?' Large creatures are notoriously difficult to keep contained.)This to me would make us ,the humans, the monsters. To degrade a creature in this manner ,make it a show or a display, takes away its freedom  and its rights.

The answer would be to see it is protected by law and its habitat is kept from development. A camera feed could be set up so people could catch glimpses of it as it went about it's daily life but visitors would be banned.

 A cryptid is a wonder, not a monster and it deserves to be treated with respect. Should any be found I hope it is remembered that it is a living thing not an exhibit .

If someone does manage to clone a mammoth or any other extinct species, it should also be entitled   to the same. A woolly mammoth does not belong in this era of time and should be placed in a habitat as near to its original as possible and allowed to live out it's allotted span in peace.

The so called monsters created by scientists recently such as goats crossed with spider DNA and huge ants , are not monsters either. The monsters are those that made them. They did not ask to be made freaks of nature but no one treated them with the respect they deserved , and said do not to tamper with them.

I truly hope that if such irrefutable evidence be found of a cryptid, that we have the sense to leave it alone and maybe just set up cameras for those who insist on seeing for themselves. Humans will always be the monsters until they treat creatures with respect.

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