Tuesday 8 March 2011

large paw prints in the Burragorang Valley

Paws for thought  by Ben Pike
TWO Nattai bushwalkers who discovered large paw prints in the Burragorang Valley believe they could belong to the Macarthur panther - but experts are not convinced.Photographed in September last year by Gavin Noakes and friend Rick Inskip - and submitted to the Macarthur Chronicle last week - the paw prints could be evidence of what cryptozoologist Rex Gilroy says is either a large cat or a descendant of an ancient marsupial creature.Mr Gilroy believes the paws may be evidence of a relative of the extinct thylacoleo-carnifex owen, known as a marsupial lion.“Because the prints are quite deep it appears as if this creature would have to have been quite heavy, and they are consistent with other prints that I have,” he said.“Until one of these animals is actually captured we can’t say for sure what it is.”Mr Noakes described the paw prints as 12cm to 15cm wide, a “bit larger than a man’s fist”.“The soil by the water was quite hard when we came across the prints,” he said.“I spend a lot of time in the bush and have seen plenty of animal prints, but I’d never come across anything like this before.”Without an indication of the scale of the prints, some experts were reluctant to speculate.

I am not sure how long this story has been around and it may be quite old but interesting nonetheless. 

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