Saturday 26 March 2011

Thor Heyerdahl died aged 87 in Italy

 RIP a great explorer who had some cryptid encounters on his voyages. A great man who was brave and not afraid  to do something different. His spirit will live on I am sure in modern explorers.

Read his cryptid encounter here  :

Apologies everyone if this was misleading.My fault for not telling C what I was aiming for. He did die in 2002 . The idea was to look at famous people who have had cryptid sightings.  Mea culpa !


Gummerfan said...

Sorry too hear about that. I remember reading Kon-Tiki when I was a young 'un. RIP

Gummerfan said...

Wait, according to Wikipedia, he died in 2002. Were the rumors of his death greatly exaggerated?