Wednesday 7 October 2020

Lake Pocomoonshine Monster aka Poco


Lake Pocomoonshine Monster

 Pocamoonshine Lake is one of the premier smallmouth bass waters located in the famous Princeton-Grand Lake Stream area of Washington County.Its depth is approximately 40 feet (13 metres). Pocomoonshine Lake is in the north eastern Maine town of Princeton.It has a monster or giant snake nicknamed Poco.Native american legend say that the monster has been around for centuries. The monster is described as being a 30-60 foot (9-18 meters) long snake-like creature.

The creature was first documented by Europeans in 1882. The Native American name for the lake is Nesiek, which translates to “muddy from the great fight.” An Algonquin shaman had an altercation  with a Micmac chieftain and they tried to settle the matter on the lake. The shaman ,so the story goes,became a giant snail and the Micmac changed into a 40-foot long serpent. The snail won. Since then there have been sightings claimed  of a creature from the Lake that pulled itself out of the water and went over land to neighbouring Crawford Lake. Sightings have only been in water, but the curved trails of the lake monster have been seen on land.

In 1882 Sewell Quimby, who ran a nearby sawmill, confirmed seeing the trail, measuring between three and four feet wide and nearly three foot deep. It was just like a snake track, only much bigger.

 In Maine, there is only one species of water snake, the Northern water snake. At around 4-feet- long, it doesn’t fit the size of the Pocomoonshine Lake Monster. Another suggestion was that  otters swimming in line would appear like a multi humped monster.There is of course the giant eel which can travel over land and is a popular choice for lake monster sightings.There are no recent sightings unless someone knows differently                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


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