Sunday 15 May 2022

A Vietnamese Bigfoot ?


The Nguoi Rung is a sort of  Bigfoot that lives  in Vietnam, Laos and Borneo. It is 6 - 7 feet tall  (approx 2 metres) and covered in black or dark red fur. The knees, feet, and hands  and face are all bare. It  walks like a human and the face is human -like with a snub nose.

Along the Loatian border this bigfoot  is called Khi-Trau, meaning "big monkey."

It is said they break into houses to steal food.During the Vietnam War, soldiers believed they saw, and shot at a Nguoi Rung. The injured creature escaped, leaving footprints and a trail of blood. Unfortunately, no samples of the blood were recovered for further analysis.

American veteran Thomas M. Jenkins , a former scout in Vietnam in 1969 , said that he once saw a large group of apes  that looked like people throwing stones at his platoon. That's why American soldiers called these creatures Rock Apes .


Mr. A Pho, 60 years old, from Le village, said:

“ I have never seen it, but when my father was alive, every time there was a festival in the village, drinking wine, my father would tell a story about meeting the Forest Man. Father said that the Forest Man has a body like an ape, wears no clothes, because of his hair, dark gray like the skin of a buffalo, howls longer than an ape .”

Talking about the legend of the Jungle, Mr. HRach Lao , Chairman of the People's Committee of Mo Rai commune said:

“ The Story of the Forest Man has existed in the minds of the Ro Ma for decades. Until now, they still believe, deep in the old forests on top of Chu Mom Raythere, the Woodman still exists. Many seniors in Le village have claimed to have seen the Forest Man… And the truth is that many years ago until now, scientists are still learning and researching. As for the fact that the Forest Man entered the village to catch people to eat meat, it was just speculation and had no basis. Two men in the village are missing, possibly because they were attacked by wild animals and venomous snakes while in the forest. Or due to illness, not getting out of the forest in time. Because the forest is too dense, it cannot be found. After all, the stories involving the Woodman have been around for a long time. But in the minds of the Ro Ma, the Forest Man still haunts them. Now, every festival, people gather to drink wine, bring old stories, including the story of the Forest Man, to tell their children and grandchildren all night long .Pausing for a moment, he affirmed: " But I'm sure of one thing, people never lie... ".

So old men’s tales after a drink or does a small bigfoot live in Vietnam? There have been lots of new discoveries of new species since the war ended and so it is quite possible a human like ape creature lives in the forests.

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