Sunday 16 June 2013

Who needs River Monsters?

Fisherman catches 'man-eating' Tapah
By M. Hamzah Jamaludin

PEKAN: River Monsters' host Jeremy Wade uses the latest fishing gear to land a giant fish, but a local fisherman near here managed to catch a two-metre 'Tapah' or 'Wallago" at a Sungai Pahang tributary using a normal fishing rod yesterday.Zulkifli Abidin, 36, of Felcra Seri Makmur said it took him more than two hours to finally bring the 78-kilogramme catfish out of the water.
"I have to conserve my energy as the fish was so strong. It felt like pulling an adult buffalo on land," said Zulkifli who made the whopping catch at Sungai Lengku

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