Sunday 11 December 2011

news of giant turtle and giant fish caught.

Iconic turtle resurfaces, raising worry of pollution
VietNamNet Bridge – After being healed, the Hoan Kiem Lake’s legendary turtle has risen to the surface many times. On December 5, the turtle resurfaced twice
According to Dr. Ha Dinh Duc, who has researched the turtle for 20 years, the latest time that the iconic turtle resurfaced was on December 5. On that day the turtle rose to the surface twice, at noon, in the witness of many people.
Before being isolated for wound treatment, the turtle resurfaced very often due to pollution. During its 100 days in a special tank, the lake was cleaned.
However, since the turtle came back to its ‘home’, the turtle still rose to the surface several times a month, at least twice in July, 7 in October and 12 in November. In the first days of December, he resurfaced twice.

10.12.2011 | 16:30

Icelandic Fishermen Catch Giant Halibut
The crew of the fishing boat Kleifarberg ÓF 2 caught a 258-centimeter long halibut weighing 250 kilos on Thursday. It is among the largest halibuts to have been caught in Icelandic waters

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