Saturday 28 May 2011

Bigfoot in Colorado Springs?

Bigfoot Sighted Again In Colorado?
Creature Seen In Green Mountain Falls, On Pikes Peak
Deb Stanley,
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- A man in Colorado Springs thinks he and others have spotted the elusive creature known as "Bigfoot."
Daniel Masias said he first spotted two of the creatures in 1982.
"In the winter, when there was snow, we noticed there were footprints. The prints didn't have shoes on them; they were just bare feet," he recalled.
Masias described the creatures as hairy and less than 6 feet tall, but the footprints they left behind were not human-like. Masias said one creature has a foot span of about 12 inches, the other about 7 inches.
Masias isn’t the only one to have claimed to have seen Bigfoot.
Ken French, a ranger for the Pikes Peak District, remembers seeing a strange creature near Sentinel Point, near the summit of the peak. "It was big and dark and it had a big gait, so it looked unusual to me."
See the pictures Masias has taken and hear an interview with him on KRDO-TV's website.

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