Sunday 1 May 2011

Do you believe in monsters?

Hugh Wilson, MSN Environment Contributor , 22/10/2009 02:38
Do you believe in monsters?
A deeper look at why monsters could exist on earth and some of the people who are hunting for them.
If news reports are to be believed, the Yeti is everywhere. That hairy hybrid of man and ape is either all-too-real or all-too-ridiculous, depending on your viewpoint.
In the last few months alone, sightings of the giant beast (a similar creature is known as Bigfoot or sasquatch in America) have been reported in India, Nepal, North America and, er, Redbridge in Essex. 
And last month a team of Japanese explorers returned from the Himalayas with photographs of what they say are bona fide footprints of a giant, un-catalogued ape-like creature.

I do feel we should call them unknown creatures rather than monsters . Monsters smacks of something horrible and dangerous, whereas most unknown creatures are not recorded as having attacked anyone. Still I suppose monsters is a term that is more media eye catching........sigh. 

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