Thursday 26 May 2011

Camouflage and cryptids

This article and photographs of Cuttle fish showing how they camouflage themselves got me thinking:

What if cryptids can camouflage themselves so they cannot be seen? Perhaps we only see them when they are performing a mating ritual so that like the Cuttle fish they are more visible? There has long been speculation about Bigfoot seeming to disappear .Perhaps like the Cuttle fish , it can camouflage itself among the trees, changing the colour of its skin or fur.It would also explain why cryptids like the Loch Ness creature are seen as different colours to different people from green to black has been reported and even a yellow colour by Ted Holiday. Lots of cryptids are reported as seeming to melt into the background or become invisible. Camouflage would also explain why so few are captured on film. We forget sometimes that these creatures are part of the animal kingdom and  that practical solutions found by other creatures  through evolution, will also apply to cryptids. Humans , although their basic shape is similar, have evolved and look different from even a few thousand years ago. Cryptids must also have evolved in some way to survive and adapt to the environment along with humans, humans being  the biggest predators of all I might add, and camouflage would seem the way to avoid confrontation or even just being allowed to go on in peace. I think we need to look more to practical solutions than paranormal ones sometimes.

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