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Bigcat sightings and Bigfoot footage analysis

Published:  02 September, 2010
BIG cats roaming wild in the Highlands - fantasy or fact?Numerous sightings of large felines have been reported over the years and this week brings two more separate sightings of such animals in the area - one at Dornoch caravan park and one at Fendon near Tain.The descriptions are very similar, that of a large black panther-type cat with a muscular body and long thick tail.There have been many well attested spottings of the animals throughout the Highlands and Islands, and indeed throughout Britain, going back 30 and more years and there seems little doubt these animals are in our midst.What is convincing about the big cat debate is the complete credibility of many of the witnesses who have spotted them.They are people who know the terrain and the beasts that are likely to be on it - farmers, keepers and crofters - folk not prone to fancy.The most likely explanation for the cats' presence in the Highlands is that they were released after the Dangerous Wild Animals Act came into being in the early 1970s, when it is suspected that enthusiasts who kept exotic cats as glamorous pets turned them lose in remote spots rather than comply with regulations, spawning a new hybrid of cat.They are ideally suited for their new environment - hardy, athletic, non-pack animals who thrive in our miles of forests, can cover ground very quickly, and as meat-eaters have an unlimited supply of food in the Highlands' wild game.While there have been reports of big cats taking the odd domestic animal such as sheep, there have been very few reports of big cats posing any threat to man. It seems unlikely that these elusive felines will breed to such numbers that they will become emboldened and threaten communities.In the meantime they add a bit of mystique to Highland life, and serve as a useful predator for the huge numbers of deer and rabbits that in many areas land managers are struggling to control.
And news of the Bigfoot footage at McKenzie River:
Mckenzie River Bigfoot Analysis: No Bigfoot Here
Submitted by Javier Ortega on September 2, 2010
So I’ve taken the liberty on doing some analysis of the ‘Mckenzie River Bigfoot’ footage. I started by slowing the video down by 15% and cropping and zooming in on the supposed mysterious creature. I have to say that the outcome isn’t the  rest and see footage here :

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