Tuesday 16 November 2010

Mystery highland beast

Beast spooks ghostbusters! By Stuart Taylor
Published:  11 November, 2010
A TEAM of ghostbusters have been left spooked by a mystery animal encounter near a Fort William sports field.Jim Morrison, his fiancé Heather MacLeod and Lynsey Dibsdale were conducting a paranormal investigation of Old Inverlochy Castle when they claim two "menacing" tail-less beasts ran across their path on a road leading to Black Parks on the banks of the River Lochy.The trio, who run their own investigations unit called USI Paranormal, are desperate to get to the bottom of the mystery meeting which happened in the early hours of last Monday.Jim, from Kinlochleven, told the Lochaber News: "We were doing an all-night investigation at Old Inverlochy Castle and also at the old and new cemeteries at Corpach."We were getting no results from either site in terms of any paranormal activity."Then at 3am, as we were walking along the road from the castle towards Inverlochy village, we saw two strange animals in the middle of the road."I actually only saw the first one, but Heather and Lynsey said there were two."They had the body of a greyhound, but were taller, no tail, muscular with very white eyes and a sheep-like face. They looked at us and then crossed the road going towards the river. We watched them and then it looked like they were coming towards us so we quickly made our way back to the castle."We didn't really want to hang around. They looked menacing.
Jim wonders whether the animals could be related to a recorded "Alien Big Cat" sighting in Glen Nevis nearly a decade ago.Two witnesses running in the area observed a three metre long "cat" drinking from the River Nevis.One of the women said it looked like a "tail-less tiger" with white eyes with no pupils.The local press reported the deaths of several sheep in Glen Nevis a few days after the sighting.
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