Friday 17 December 2010

More big cat sightings in the Highlands

By Stuart Taylor
Published:  16 December, 2010
PARS have been replaced by purrs and bogeys by moggies at Fort William Golf Club, after a series of "big cat" sightings on the fairways and greens.The mystery animal has been spotted several times in the last fortnight by members, the club steward and greenkeepers. Its paw prints have also been discovered in some of the bunkers on the scenic 18-hole course which nestles at the foot of Ben Nevis on the outskirts of town.It is thought the recent heavy snow may have forced the animal down the slopes to forage for food, with club members noting a coincidental disappearance of hares which are usually spotted in twos and threes at every hole at this time of year.Greenkeeper Michael Lopez found the paw marks in a bunker and then spotted the animal from distance as it ran across the large car park near the clubhouse."I was a good bit away but it was definitely a big cat," said Mr Lopez, of Caol. "It's a bit of a mystery but I do believe there's a good possibility that something's out there."Within days of Mr Lopez's sighting, the animal was seen by club steward James Duncan.He told the Lochaber News: "I first saw it bounding across the car park. It disappeared under the bridge which carries the railway line across, and ran on to the course."It was a dark brown/black colour, with a long tail. The tail was the same length as its body. It was about 18 inches to two feet tall off the ground.

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